Fighting skills of Sean Avery in the 2001-2002 NHL

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Apr 4 11:17 ET
25Avery had 6 fights in 36 games in his first season in the NHL. His record was 3-1-2 by my count, but his fight card was extremely weak. Avery beat and bloodied non fighter Trepanier, he had his hands full with another non fighter Muckalt, but managed to get the narrow win and he also edged lightweight Hinote in a spirited battle. Avery was edged by non fighter Linden in his first fight in the NHL. He drew with middleweight Ferguson, who was also the toughest opponent he faced this season and he only managed to draw with Tyson Nash, who was one of the worst fighters ever to play in the NHL (if you can even call Nash a fighter).

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