Fighting skills of Jay Rosehill in the 2017-2018 EIHL

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Jul 3, 2018 20:46 ET
66In his second season in the EIHL, Jay Rosehill joined the Manchester Storm who added him to toughen up their team. Rosehill scored 17 points which was slightly less than the previous season but still a decent amount for him. He fought 5 times, going 3-1-1. Rosehill clearly beat Matt Nickerson who was the only real tough guy he defeated. He also edged two Kevins, Kevin Noble and Kevin Raine in uneventful crap fights. Rosehill was narrowly beaten by Jake Doty in a great heavyweight tilt and he drew with Danick Paquette in a wrestling match. Rosehill wasn't as impressive this year and since he lost to the only good fighter his size that he tangled with, I bumped his rating down one notch to a six.

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