Fighting skills of Stu Grimson in the 1992-1993 NHL

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Feb 2, 2014 10:29 ET
9892/93 was the season Grimson established himself as one of the NHL's top heavyweights. I ranked him #2 this season only behind Probert and I don't think it would be wrong to rank Grimson as the #1 guy this season. In preseason Grimson beat the heavyweight champ Probert and also had one of the best fights of all time with Vial. In regular season Stu beat the crap out of Ray, beat McSorley who was also a Top 5 guy in their second fight, edged Domi, beat Kimble, Chase, Smyth, McRae, TKO'd Banks and Buchberger, edged Ciccone and beat up Rychel. Grimson only had two losses this season and both were against Baumgartner. Stu had two draws with McSorley and their third fight was an absolute slugfest, he also drew with Probert, Odjick, Beukeboom, Mackey and had crap draws with Brown, DeBrusk, A.May, Quintal and McKenzie (no majors).

Jan 7 18:16 ET
98Big time year for Stu Grimson. With Mike Peluso gone to the expansion Ottawa Senators, Grimson took the full responsibility as the team's enforcer and finished the year with twenty-three fights. In addition to that, Grimson established himself as one of the best fighters in the game after a couple inconsistent seasons to start his career. Grimson had a couple fights in the preseason, clearly beating Bob Probert for the first time in their rivalry and drawing with Dennis Vial in one of the best preseason fights ever. In the regular season Grimson had a bunch of big wins; hammered Rob Ray, nailed Darren Banks and Kelly Buchberger for TKO wins, and obvious decisions over Marty McSorley and Warren Rychel. Grimson also picked up a bunch of narrow wins over the likes of Basil McRae, Darin Kimble, Greg Smyth, Enrico Ciccone, Kelly Chase, and Jeff Beukeboom. Grimson drew with McSorley in their two other fights, one which was one of the fights of the year, and also with some real tough heavyweights like Gino Odjick, Dave Brown, Tie Domi, and Bob Probert as well as lesser opponents in David Mackey, Alan May, and Stephane Quintal. Grimson had a few fights fail to get going, those coming with Jim McKenzie, Louie DeBrusk, and Gerard Gallant. Grimson only lost two times this year and they were to the same guy on consecutive days, Ken Baumgartner. No matter the struggles with Baumgartner there was no doubt Grimson reached new levels as a fighter this year and was one of the best in the game, a place he'd stay mostly for the duration of his career.
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