Fighting skills of Paul Holmgren in the 1978-1979 NHL

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Jul 2, 2017 17:23 ET
64In his 3rd NHL season, Paul Holmgren scored 19 goals (a career best at the time) and he also had 29 points. The tough guy also did well in the playoffs with 6 points in 8 games. However Holmgren was a lot less active this year than he had been in the previous season. Nevertheless he had a very good fight card with some tough names on it. The Flyer's only win was against the much smaller light-heavy Dave Logan who he pounded on pretty good in a slugfest. Holmgren only had one loss and it was against Nick Fotiu who scored a clear win on the Flyer and put a beating on him, but Fotiu was one of the best fighters in the league. Holmgren drew twice with tough power forward Terry O'Reilly in two wrestling matches and he also had a draw with the wild and tough Randy Holt in an excellent toe-to-toe fight during the bench clearing brawl in the infamous game in which Holt set the NHL record for penalty minutes in a game. Holmgren may not have been that active but he still proved to be a tough fighter on a very stacked Philadelphia team that was loaded with tough guys.

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