Fighting skills of Joey Kocur in the 1992-1993 NHL

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May 5, 2014 07:33 ET
85Kocur was still one of the toughest guys in the league, but I had to leave him out of my Top 10 this season, he only had 9 fights in regular season and his fight card wasn't very good, the only Top 10 fighter in his fight card was DeBrusk. Kocur edged Severyn in preseason and in regular season he edged heavyweights Donnelly, McRae and A.May in lousy fights. Kocur scored dominant wins over SJ's light-heavies Zmolek and Wilkinson and KO'd middleweight Eagles. Kocur had a boring draw with DeBrusk who was the toughest guy in his fight card and he also drew with Carkner. Kocur also fought Agnew but the camera work was poor in that one so I can't rate it.

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