Fighting skills of Bob Probert in the 1986-1987 NHL

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Jul 5, 2013 15:52 ET
88Probert had some big wins in his 2nd season, but also a few bad losses. He scored a memorable KO win against Nylund, hammered Stevens behind the net, TKO'd Curran after Curran had jumped him, beat McGill in a slugfest and also got the better of Hunter, Plett, Maguire (great fight), Ewen in two close fight, McClelland, Petit (great fight), Iafrate and Kotsopoulos. Probert got KO'd by Ewen in their first fight and Berube was another guy that gave him trouble, they had 3 fights with Berube getting the better of Probie in two of them and one being a crap draw. Clark got the better of Bob in a good bout and Fraser hammered him with rights.

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