Fighting skills of Bob Probert in the 1990-1991 NHL

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Mar 2, 2013 17:09 ET
108Perhaps the best single season for a fighter ever in the NHL. Probert had so many impressive wins this season, he dropped Dave Brown in a toe to toe battle between two of the all time greats, dropped Troy Crowder in their rematch, beat the shit out of Darin Kimble in one of the most one sided heavyweight fights you'll ever see, beat guys like Jay Miller, Shane Churla, Stu Grimson and Kevin Maguire, TKO'd Bob McGill, started a lawnmower on Alan Stewart and also took care of Jeff Beukeboom, Grant Jennings, Neil Wilkinson, Ronnie Stern and John McIntyre. In preseason Probert pummelled Tony Twist and took care of Mark Kachowski, Jay Caufield and Keith Brown. Only guy who was able to beat Probert this season was Troy Crowder who did it twice.

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