Fighting skills of Bob Probert in the 1993-1994 NHL

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Jul 6, 2013 06:44 ET
98This was Probert's last season with the Red Wings. Probert edged McSorley in a marathon fight which was the fight of the year and one of the all time classics, he beat Ewen, dropped Smyth and Odgers (rd 2), edged Baumgartner, Poeschek and Odgers (rd1) in good bouts, also edged Smyth (rd 1), beat up Cummins and got the better of Brashear in a fight where Brashear was back peddling like crazy. Probert drew with his rival Grimson as well as with his old teammate Kocur. He had a spirited draw with Odgers in their third fight and also a bunch of crap draws (Domi, Twist, Odelein, McRae, Rychel). Probie had a couple of losses, surprisingly against Russell in a good fight that was pretty close, but in his last fight of the season and also last fight with the Red Wings he got outclassed by the new heavyweight champion McCarthy.

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