Fighting skills of Bob Probert in the 1998-1999 NHL

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May 21, 2013 05:54 ET
78Probert had a great fight card, other than Nolan who turtled all his opponents were legit HW's. Probie beat a couple top5 guys, Brashear in rd1 and his old rival Grimson. Scored a big TKO win over Parker who had done well against the top HW's until he squared off with the old champ. Dropped Severyn in a great fight and got the better of Lakovic. Couple entertaining draws with Cote, also drew twice with Odgers and other draws came against Laus, Visheau and Dingman. Probert was inconsistent this season as he had some impressive wins but also some bad losses. Upset TKO loss against Moose Morissette, got hammered by Belanger and lost clearly against his old rival Domi. Bob had narrow losses against Worrell and Brashear in rd 2 and then got hammered by Brashear in rd3. Despite those losses, I think his wins and the quality of his fight card was enough to put him in the top10.

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