Fighting skills of Bob Probert in the 1999-2000 NHL

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Nov 12 04:42 ET
86Probert didn't fight that much in 99/00, but his fight card sure didn't lack quality. Probert had a busy preseason though, he edged Angelstad in one of the fights of the year, beat up poor Zettler who was totally helpless against Probert. Probie also had a nothing draw with Downey and was edged by Poeschek in a crap fight. In regular season Probert had 10 fights with an impressive record. He scored narrow wins against Grimson, Cairns and Laraque who all were among the top heavyweights in the league and those were some real good fights. Probie also won dandies against Belak and G.Marshall and made quick work of Chase in Chase's last fight in the league. Probert's only loss in regular season was against McKenzie. Probert drew with Brashear in a great heavyweight tilt, Belak in their rematch which was mostly wrestling and had a shit draw with Dingman. All in all a very strong year for the veteran Probert and I think he deserved to be ranked #1 in 99/00.Probert was still one of the most entertaining fighters in the league. He had quite a few good slugfests this season, where he just grabbed the opponent with his left and hammered away with rights. Probert had good stamina and seemed to get stronger as the fight went on and he could take a punch (Angelstad fight is a good example, Angelstad stuns Probert early on, but Probert recovers and takes over towards the end).He did very well in open fights against top heavies like Grimson, Cairns, Brashear etc. So just trading punches with Probert was probably not the best way to beat him. His only losses were against McKenzie and Poeschek (preseason), both fights were kind of dull, mostly wrestling, but that was probably a better way trying to beat Probert this season.

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