Fighting skills of Dave Semenko in the 1984-1985 NHL

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Dec 20, 2017 14:36 ET
67Dave Semenko was much more active in the 1984-1985 season than he had been the previous year (he also played 17 more games). He continued to perform his role for the Edmonton Oilers powerhouse which went on to win their second straight Stanley Cup. Cementhead clearly beat Bob McGill in their rematch, he edged Jeff Brubaker, pounded on Bob Rouse and also easily handled smaller non fighter Steve Konroyd as you'd expect. McGill, Brubaker, and Rouse were tough guys but not exactly premier fighters in the league. Those were the only guys he beat this year. Semenko lost to his rival Tim Hunter who gave him a massive beating and Semenko finally resorted to throwing a knee at him. He also looked pathetic against Behn Wilson when they fought in the playoffs. Semenko just hung on as Wilson punched away at him, clearly beating him. His only other loss was to Jim Peplinski who edged him in a uneventful tilt. Semenko drew with tough guy Chris Nilan, McGill and Brubaker, as well as Brian Curran, Charlie Bourgeois, and young 19 year old Cam Neely. Semenko was a vital part of the Edmonton dynasty and he had a decent season. However he didn't have wins over any top notch opponents (although they were all decent fighters). It was clear Semenko was a good fighter but not a top 10 guy this year. When he did fight top 10 guys like Wilson and Hunter, he did terrible.

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