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Feb 9, 2017 16:59 ET
58Donald Brashear saw his first NHL action during the 1993-1994 season. After signing as a free agent with the Montreal Canadiens in 1992, Brashear spent his first professional season in the AHL. He spent most of this season in the minors as well but did play 14 games after being called up for a stint. Donald was quite active, getting into 6 fights. His only win was against fellow rookie Darren McCarty who he edged in an uneventful fight. Brashear lost to McCarty's teammate Bob Probert as Probert beat him clearly and landed the only punches while Brashear looked scared to fight him. However Probert was one of the top fighters in the league at this point. Brashear was also edged by Louie DeBrusk as well as light-heavy Scott Thornton in a crap fight. Brashear drew with heavyweight Mick Vukota and Troy Mallette in crap fights where they fell down right away. Huggy Bear demonstrated that he was a willing fighter as a young rookie and he didn't hesitate to take on some tough customers like DeBrusk, Vukota, and of course Probert. However it was clear Brashear was still raw and had yet to develop his fighting skills which he would possess later in his career.

Sep 26 11:59 ET
48Brashear only played 14 regular season games with MTL this season, his first in the NHL and he did not look impressive at all in his fights, in fact I'd say he was probably one of the worst heavyweights in the league in 93/94. Who would have though he would eventually become one of the best all time fighters in the NHL after watching him this season? Brashear had 6 fights (but only 4 fighting majors) and he did not win a single fight in my opinion. He lost to Probert in a weird fight where he looked scared to engage Probert, he also lost to Thornton in a shit fight where Thornton actually got the only major and to DeBrusk in a boring fight in the same game. He drew with McCarty in a quick scrap, had a shit draw with Mallette in his first fight in the league and another shit draw with Vukota, where the two only got minors.Wrestler/hugger who liked to stay in tight, throw harmless short punches and looked scared to open up. He also seemed to have some balance issues this season.Trying to keep him at a distance or maybe if he'd put the bearhug on his opponent throw some bodypunches and try to make him open up a bit.

Jan 2 20:45 ET
47Donald Brashear saw his first NHL action this season but only was a call up for the Montreal Canadiens, playing fourteen games and getting into a handful of scraps. Brashear lost his balance quickly against Troy Mallette and Mick Vukota so those fights never got going and he also dropped the gloves with Scott Thornton but the linesmen broke that up fast. Brashear's best fight was a draw with Darren McCarty, who was a light-heavyweight in his first year in the league. Brashear suffered a dull loss to Louie DeBrusk and dropped the gloves with Bob Probert too. That was an unusual fight where they almost never even grabbed onto each other and just threw punches while squaring off. Brashear was obviously very tentative to engage with one of the best fighters in the league and took the loss as Probert landed a couple decently before Brashear went down. Not a good first impression for Brashear in the NHL.
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