Fighting skills of Donald Brashear in the 1997-1998 NHL

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Jun 21, 2014 14:50 ET
98Great season for Brashear, best of his career imo. He KO'd Russell and TKO'd McKenzie who was a Top 5 HW, destroyed Murray and Zmolek who had to be helped off the ice, pummelled Bonvie, Myhres and Lambert and also got the better of Laus, McSorley, Johnson, Cairns, Kruse, G.Marshall and a non-fighter Shannon in the brawl filled game vs Sabres. Brashear only had two narrow losses which were against Kordic in a good fight where he got cut and against Leroux in a rather boring fight. Brashear had draws against McCarthy and Vukota, shit draws against Severyn, Johnson, Domi, Zmolek and Buchberger. There's a couple of his fights I haven't seen, one of those is the Grimson fight, two of the best fighters in the league in 97/98 and no footage of that fight!

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