Fighting skills of Donald Brashear in the 1999-2000 NHL

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Nov 12 04:44 ET
85Brashear was a bit of a disappointment in 99/00, even if he was still one of the best fighters in the league. Reason I only ranked him around #6-7 in the top10 was his fight card, he didn't fight that much and his wins this season were mainly against 2nd tier fighters. Brashear's most impressive win came in preseason against R.Thompson in a great long scrap where he thoroughly hammered Rocky. In regular season he only had 9 fighting majors, though he had 3 or 4 more shit fights where only minors or double minors were given. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any footage of the 2 fights he had against Crowe in one game. Brashear TKO'd Cummins and easily beat washed up McSorley in the game where Marty later clubbed Brashear in the head with his stick. Those two were the toughest guys Brashear beat in regular season and as said they were at basically 2nd tier fighters. Brashear's other wins were against Jakopin twice and against rookie Regehr. He had a hard fought draw against Probert, where he came back strong in the second half and a disappointing draw against Laraque in an anticipated fight that turned into a dud. As mentioned he also had shit fight draws (where no majors were given) against Johnson, Laraque again, Dingman and Jakopin in their first encounter.He usually got in tight at the beginning, then started to ragdoll his opponent trying to get him off balance and then start to unload on him with lefts (Cummins fight is a good example).Brashear was one of the strongest guys in the league and if he got in tight on his opponent he was almost impossible to beat. Probert managed to get his right hand loose and caused some problems for Brashear. It also would have been interesting to see him fight Grimson or Cairns this season, if they would have been able to use their reach advantage to keep Brashear at bay.

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