Fighting skills of Donald Brashear in the 2000-2001 NHL

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Apr 27, 2014 16:14 ET
95Brashear didn't fight that often in 00/01, 11 fighting majors in 79 games, but his results were impressive and I think he and Laraque were clearly the top 2 fighters in the league this season. Brashear had a nice win over Parker in their rematch which was a good one, he beat Belak in another good tilt and hammered Domi twice in one game. Brashear also beat Probert, shitpumped Roy, beat middleweight deVries who hung in there in a good fight though and edged Barnaby in a shit fight. Brashear drew with Parker in their first fight and had shit draws with Domi and Johnson (he also had two more altercations with those two but both were total shit draws and they got no majors).

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