Fighting skills of Donald Brashear in the 2003-2004 NHL

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Feb 26, 2018 17:13 ET
87Donald Brashear had another dominant season in 2003-2004, and I had his record at 10-1-4. Very impressive record, but Brashear didn't fight any premier guys this year. He was still one of the best in the league but his record likely wouldn't have been quite as good if he had fought guys like Laraque, Cairns, or Johnson. The toughest guy Brashear defeated was rookie Eric Godard who he clearly beat. Donald absolutely pummeled Rob Ray in Ray's last fight, badly bloodying the old veteran and he also dropped heavyweights Stephen Peat and Andre Roy. Brashear clearly beat Sandy McCarthy who was a shadow of his former self, and he also pounded on tough D-man Alex Henry. The Flyer also gave some massive beatings to lesser fighters Kelly Buchberger and Grant Marshall, and he also clearly beat old vet Scott Stevens as well as Sean Brown. His only loss was against mediocre fighter Chris Dingman in the playoffs in a fight where Brashear looked disinterested. A bit disappointing, you'd expect him to hammer a guy like Dingman. Brashear drew with Chris Simon and Nathan Perrott in crap fights, and he also had draws against Brown in the preseason as well as defenseman Dale Purinton. Overall, Brashear had another solid season as he was clearly still one of the better fighters in the league. However, his fight card wasn't as strong as the previous year and he didn't take on the toughest competition.

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