Fighting skills of Behn Wilson in the 1978-1979 NHL

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Jun 27, 2015 16:23 ET
78Wilson was a top fighter even as a rookie. He had some trouble defensively at times. He struggled against Tiger Williams and Bert Wilson. He let Garry Howatt come back some in his win over the Toy Tiger. Behn lost to John Wensink and Nick Fotiu in close battles. Offensively, Wilson was excellent. He had two big wins over a very good heavyweight in Willi Plett. He had a good year and was a top ten fighter in the NHL.Wilson was a boxer-puncher, but more of a puncher as a rookie. He got into some shootouts. Still, he was resourceful and could change tactics.Behn had some trouble with good boxers like Fotiu early in his career. You had to be a real beast like John Wensink to beat him in a slugfest.

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