Fighting skills of Colton Orr in the 2005-2006 NHL

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Jun 30, 2015 00:08 ET
77Orr had a good rookie year in the NHL. He displayed the murderous punching power he is known for. He had good performances against Eric Godard, Wade Belak, and Brian McGrattan. He destroyed Andre Roy. He had a tough time with Jason Strudwick and John Erskine. Still, he put the league on notice that he was a formidable fighter.He liked to trade power shots. He relied on a destructive right hand.He could be outboxed at times. This was apparent in the Strudwick fight. The more open the fight and the more punches thrown, the better chance Orr had to win.

Jul 8, 2015 16:26 ET
78Colton Orr had eleven fights this season but only played thirty-five games so he was pretty active and he had good fight card, one of the better ones in the league. Orr's first NHL fight was one of the best of the season, a big slugfest with Eric Cairns. Cairns got the best of it bur Orr stood in there right to the end. Orr had two big wins in his next fights, breaking Andre Roy's orbital and Wade Belak's nose in good fights. Orr had a dull draw with Ryan VandenBussche and in his last fight with the Boston Bruins, had really good draw with Brian McGrattan. Orr was picked up by the New York Rangers and made an impression early on, getting a narrow win on Eric Godard of the rival New York Islanders. Donald Brashear bested Orr in his next fight but after that Orr had a rematch with Godard and got a nice TKO win in that scrap. Orr's lost his last three fights though, suffering narrow losses to John Erskine (who had a pretty strong year) before and after a clear loss to McGrattan.
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