Fighting skills of Colton Orr in the 2008-2009 NHL

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Jul 8, 2015 16:27 ET
88This was Colton Orr's best year in the league to this point and was clearly one of the best fighters in the league. Orr had a four fight series with rival enforcer, Eric Godard that was split with each taking two wins and all four fights being good tilts. Orr had the clear decision in the first two fights but Godard had a TKO win in the third best and edged Orr in the last one so Godard had slight advantage in that rivalry this season. Orr's only other losses came to David Koci and Mike Rupp but Orr avenged the loss to Rupp by TKOing him in the rematch. Orr had a few clear wins against lesser opponents in gritty defenseman Tyson Strachan, power forward Chris Stewart, and old veteran Owen Nolan. Orr also had a clear win over Riley Cote and had a few good draws too. Orr finally scored a draw against Donald Brashear and that was a good fight while also drawing with huge Mitch Fritz and having a very long and very entertaining fight with Eric Boulton end in a tie. Orr had poor draws with Riley Cote, Zack Stortini, and Andrew Peters and also drew Shawn Thornton in a decent bout.

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