Fighting skills of Colton Orr in the 2010-2011 NHL

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Feb 10, 2015 16:21 ET
78It was a good season for Orr, just not as good as his previous season. Orr got the edge over Matt Carkner, who was #1 that season, pounded King twice, destroyed Stortini and Barch, and clearly beat Neil. Orr had some bad losses; got TKO'ed badly by Engelland and lost to him clearly in round 2, had two narrow losses to Boogaard and MacIntyre, and got TKO'ed by Parros in his last fight where Orr ended up getting a season ending concussion.Grab with left, pound with right.If you hit him on the chin, he's toast.

Jul 8, 2015 16:27 ET
69This was a rougher year for Colton Orr and his worst in the NHL in my opinion. Orr's year fighting-wise started with a narrow win over Matt Carkner but then Orr was stunned and dropped by Deryk Engelland, a tough customer but also a rookie who was playing in just his twelfth NHL game. Orr was then edged by Derek Boogaard before getting two nice wins over D.J. King and Krys Barch. Orr drew Steve MacIntyre, followed that up with another nice win against King, and clearly lost the rematch with Engelland. Orr's next fights were clear wins against Zack Stortini and Chris Neil and that was followed by a narrow win over Eric Boulton. Orr's last fight came against George Parros with Parros concussing Orr and putting him down in that fight. Orr was unable to return after that and didn't play again. Aside from his first fight of the season against Carkner, Orr didn't get any real big wins this season, mostly were against heavyweights and tough customers but not some of the best in the league. Against those guys, Orr definitely had more trouble with them than in other years.
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