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Dec 15, 2014 21:02 ET
87Orr had a real solid season and made a good comeback after a year in the minors with the Marlies. In the first week of the season, Orr dropped John Scott with a bodyshot, defeated long time enemy Deryk Engelland in an awesome toe to toe fight and had an easy win over Rupp. He had defeated three solid heavyweights in the first week of the season, setting expectations high. After taking a week long break, Orr dropped Rene Bourque with one punch and then had a close battle with heavyweight Kevin Westgarth.

Four days later, he beat George Parros in a marathon bout. After another break, Orr had a go with Chris Neil. He looked pretty lame in bout and suffered his first big loss of the season. Orr bounced back though with two solid wins over Chris Thorburn. He looked really good in both of them and was the best he had been since his first week of the season. One week later, Orr had another solid battle, this time with Boston heavyweight Shawn Thornton. Orr won that fight as well and was looking like the clear front runner for top fighter that season.

However in the next few weeks, he would get into three fights, winning none of them. The first was a rather lame bout against big Matt Kassian. Kassian managed to earn the victory but it was a rather short fight and the punches Kassian landed had little effect. Orr then suffered a loss to former teammate Jay Rosehill, a loss some people called a TKO. Orr concluded the season with one of his best fights, only behind the battle with Engelland. He drew with Eric Boulton in a long toe to toe fight, a battle in which both combatants landed a few real solid punches.

Despite his somewhat mediocre finish to the season, Orr had a really strong showing. With the exclusion of Bourque, all the guys Orr fought were heavyweights. He had strong showings against most of them. The battle with Engelland gave him a lot of confidence and he had a real good first half to the season. Most of his losses were in rather mild fights in which Orr just never got going. He was unstoppable for a good portion of the season and built up enough of a lead to earn the title of top fighter for the 12-13 season.
Orr liked to have continuous action, trying to engage his opponent in toe to toe action if possible.Tie up both or even just one of his arms. Orr was one of the hardest punchers that season, which earned him a lot of victories.

Jul 8, 2015 16:28 ET
98Colton Orr barely played in 2011/2012 and was sent to the minors after a while but in when the lockout ended and the 2012/2013 season began, Orr was back up for the Toronto Maple Leafs and he had a great season fighting-wise, I had him as the number one guy on my Top Ten list. Orr had big wins, buckling John Scott with a body punch, avenging his losses to Deryk Engelland by getting the better of him in one of the year's best fights, and also avenged his bas loss to George Parros, getting a clear win in that fight. Also won handily against Mike Rupp, scored a narrow win over Shawn Thornton, and two clear wins over light-heavyweight, Chris Thorburn. Orr also jumped and dropped non-fighter Rene Bourque in a pretty rough game against the rival Montreal Canadiens. I had Orr drawing with Eric Boulton in a great slugfest and with Kevin Westgarth. Orr did take a few losses, he was edged by Matt Kassian in a quick scrap, was dropped by Jay Rosehill in another fast fight, but Orr's worst loss was against Chris Neil who clearly got the better of the fight.
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