Fighting skills of Colton Orr in the 2013-2014 NHL

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Jul 8, 2015 16:29 ET
54In the season opening game Colton Orr had two fights with George Parros. Parros got the best of the first one but when they dropped the gloves the second time an incidental fall by Parros knocked him unconscious. Parros suffered a bad concussion and though he would play again, Orr seemed to be effected by the injury as well. Orr wasn't nearly as aggressive and wasn't very active as fighter as he had been before. Still Orr and Parros met up again and fought to a draw in the rematch. Orr was edged by Eric Boulton in a short scrap and Orr's only win was a TKO against Tom Sestito, the most active heavyweight in the league. Orr's worst loss was also by TKO, against John Erskine in a big slugfest between two tough veterans. This season was a big drop for Orr than his previous years. He was always one of the most entertaining and active fighters in the league and he had reached a point where he was one of the best enforcers in the league but this season he was far more hesitant than he'd ever been and didn't do very well in his fights.

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