Fighting skills of Colton Orr in the 2003-2004 AHL

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Jan 3, 2015 08:13 ET
89Orr fought like a motherfucker in his first year as a pro, in 60+ games he had nearly 40 fights, he had a great record and most of his fights were real slugfests. Orr went 1-1 against Gillies in preseason and in regular season they continued their rivalry with 3 more fights, where both scored a win and one of their fights was most likely a draw, so they had a very good and even series. Orr had a bunch of impressive wins as he TKO'd minor league legend Angelstad, Jerant and Filipowicz who was way out of his league fighting Orr, he also beat very tough names like Grenier, Flinn, G.Belak, Clouthier, easily beat Parros in their first fight against each other and also beat Engelland, Zinger, McLachlan, huge guys Stroshein and State as well as light-heavies like MacDonald, Borsheim, J.Robinson x2 and hammered middleweight Colley twice as well. Orr's worst loss was against S.McLaren in their first fight where he got dropped, he was also clearly beaten by Tetarenko in their second fight (actually Tetarenko was the only guy Orr really struggled against this season), but his other losses were "edge" type of losses, against Gillies in round 3, Tetarenko in their first fight, Skrlac in a toe to toe tilt and surprisingly against Black in a quick scrap. Orr drew twice with Bonvie and their second fight was no doubt one of the fights of the year, he also drew with S.McLaren in their rematch, Fritz, Thornton, Paul and Rourke in a boring fight.Wide open fighter with a hard right hand, Orr was definitely one of the most entertaining fighters in the league. His style reminded me of Rob Ray.

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