Fighting skills of Brian McGrattan in the 2006-2007 NHL

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Jul 8, 2015 17:30 ET
87Brian McGrattan didn't play as much but was still one of the best fighters in the league and didn't lose a fight in my book. Only ten tilts on his fight card this year and a lot of them against familiar opponents. McGrattan dropped the gloves twice with Wade Belak, Cam Janssen, and Andrew Peters and didn't lose any. Both fights with Belak were rather boring, one a draw and McGrattan getting the edge in the other while both Janssen scraps were entertaining, one being a draw and the other a clear win for McGrattan. Against Peters, McGrattan fared better this year than the year before, drawing him twice including a very good fight in a highly anticipated game following a brawl. McGrattan's other fights were a narrow win over Eric Cairns, a clear win over John Erskine, and draws with Jody Shelley and Colton Orr. Though he didn't fight nearly as much as the year before, McGrattan was obviously still one of the best heavyweights in the league.

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