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Jul 8, 2015 17:32 ET
88Brian McGrattan went through the league's substance abuse program while with the Phoenix Coyotes and though he only saw a handful of games, McGrattan got back into the league the next season with the Calgary Flames. McGrattan had a great year and was one of the best fighters in the league again. McGrattan had numerous big wins, dropped Darcy Hordichuk, get the better of Steve MacIntyre in a great slugfest, and had clear wins over Wade Belak, Cam Janssen, and two over David Koci. McGrattan also got the better of Frazer McLaren and Belak in another fight. McGrattan and Belak's first fight was a draw , as well as McGrattan's bouts with veteran enforcers in Eric Godard, George Parros, and Raitis Ivanans. McGrattan only lost twice this season and both came against the other top fighters in the league. Colton Orr bloodied McGrattan and Derek Boogaard quickly dropped McGrattan for a TKO win in their fight. Even with those two losses it was obvious that McGrattan was one of the best fighters in the league with so many good fights against fellow heavyweights but unfortunately, he only played in the part of the season.

Dec 20, 2016 18:28 ET
98Great season for McGrattan, going 9-2-3. In his first fight of the season, he TKO'ed Hordichuk in a great fight. He clearly beat Koci twice, Belak, and Cam Janssen. He also got nice wins over MacIntyre, Parros, McLaren, and Belak yet again. He had draws against Godard in a very good fight, Ivanans, and Belak. He only had two losses this year: against Orr which he got beat soundly and bloodied, and got TKO'ed by Boogaard.He would typically grab with his left and throw with his right, but would occasionally go southpaw if need be. He liked to use his reach and would utilize the jersey jab to throw his opponent out of sorts and get set up for more powerful punches.Have a longer reach than him. He would sometimes struggle against taller fighters.
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