Fighting skills of Brian McGrattan in the 2015-2016 AHL

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Nov 2, 2016 18:38 ET
74This was probably one of the worst seasons for Brian McGrattan but it wasn't as bad as it seems when you actually break it down. He had a draw in a slugfest with good heavyweight Paul Bissonnette before beating him clearly in their second bout in another good fight. He drew against top quality heavyweight Frazer McLaren in another slugfest. He then narrowly beat average light-heavyweight Kale Kessy in a poor fight. Then, something really bad happened; McGrattan was brutally KO'd in a 10 rated scrap with good heavyweight Daniel Maggio. This was an upset and it was a KO of rare violence where McGrattan was completely out of it. He then clearly beat up this same Maggio in a very good fight, and finished up the year by getting TKO'd very quick by one of the top-2 fighters in the league that year.

I was hesitating between give Big Ern a 6 or a 7 for his fighting skills that year and I can't put a 6.5 in here so these are the reasons why I gave a 7 instead of a 6 (Still, I would put 6.5 but here we go):

1- Yes, McGrattan got KO'd but Maggio is a good heavyweight. Even though the KO shot was by no mean "lucky", McGrattan managed to fight a second time with Maggio and completely beat him up. So it kind of counter-balances his KO loss.
2- McGrattan fought really tough customers (McLaren, Bissonnette,...), engaged in slugfests and scored impressive wins, showing he still is a decent heavy.
3- McGrattan never narrowly lost or clearly lost; he got KO'd once and TKO'd once. He still has the skills of fighting, his chin maybe just doesn't follow.


Even though McGrattan fought some very good and tough minor-league fighters, McGrattan was not that willing; he had 7 scraps in 61 games, which was below average for a fighter that season. He was there to protect the young players, but not more.
McGrattan doesn't shy away from slugfests and wars; he has good stamina. He has two combinations he really likes to use; trying to open his opponent's face for punches with jersey jabs and then landing rights OR placing and uppercut that misses before landing rabbit punches with his right. He also has very thick shoulder pads and elbow pads and has a long visor and is good at tucking his chin in so landing hard punches was hard to do. He rarely switched hands.The best way to beat McGrattan that season was to not get distracted by his jersey jabs to leave your face opened for his good rights and wait for opportunities to land. By being active, sometimes McGrattan would open his face to his opponents. Also, he liked to start slowly, so getting him at the beginning of the fight could do you good, like Alex Gallant did in their fight.

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