Fighting skills of Derek Boogaard in the 2008-2009 NHL

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Jul 6, 2017 13:15 ET
85Derek Boogaard played in a lot more games during the 2008-2009 season than he had the previous year, but his fight totals stayed about the same. Boogaard dropped the gloves 9 times in 51 games. His only win over a top 10 fighter this season was in his 2nd fight with Wade Belak. Boogaard's other wins were against Raitis Ivanans who he hammered, Jody Shelley in a fight where he broke Shelley's helmet, Andre Roy who he dropped, and Krys Barch who looked terrified against Boogaard. Boogaard's only losses came against Wade Belak who was the #1 fighter this season. The two men fought 3 times with Boogaard going 1-2 against Belak. He had a draw in a crap fight with Darcy Hordichuk and a draw against Steve MacIntyre in a battle of super-heavyweights. Overall Boogaard was still a feared fighter and it was clear he was still a top 10 guy, but his fight card wasn't the deepest. Aside from Belak, he didn't fight any top 10 fighters so that knocked him down a few spots on the top 10 list for this season.

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