Fighting skills of Derek Boogaard in the 2010-2011 NHL

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Sep 12, 2014 13:31 ET
99Sadly, this was Boogaard's last NHL season, as he passed away in May 2011. He only had seven fights, but he went 5-1-1. Boogaard beat Colton Orr, beat Shelley, pounded MacIntyre in round one, and owned Trevor Gillies. He had a draw against Shawn Thornton and a draw against MacIntyre in round two. Boogaard's only loss this season came at the hands of Matt Carkner (who was the champ this season) where Boogaard was nose was broken, bloodied, and concussed. Subsequently, Boogaard's season prematurely ended.He like to use his size and strength to get his opponent in a vulnerable position and just pound away.Boogaard really didn't have any weakness, but you can try to get on the inside of him or hit him early.

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