Fighting skills of Zdeno Chara in the 1997-1998 NHL

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Oct 27, 2015 15:44 ET
54Chara had 4 fights in 25 regular season games in his first year in the NHL. In his first regular season fight he took on McKay and got the better of him in a quick crap fight where he got in the only shots before getting taken down. His second fight was pretty similar, he got in a few rights right off the bat and was quickly taken down again. Chara's third fight was against DeBrusk and it was his most impressive win, at least that fight lasted longer than the first two that barely lasted five seconds, in this fight Chara was able to keep DeBrusk at bay and land only shots, before losing his balance (no surprise). His fourth fight was against Landgon during that NYI-NYR line brawl, most people give that fight to Langdon, it's hard to make a correct call because a lot of this fight was off camera, but from what I could see it looked like a boring wrestlingmatch to me.He tried to lock out his opponent and use his huge reach advantage, like he did against DeBrusk. He was also a fast starter, in his first two fights he immediately threw a series of rights and seemed to surprise his opponents. Unfortunately his fights didn't last very long as he had balance issues.He had a huge size advantage against the guys he fought this season, so for smaller players against a huge guy like Chara it would be wise to try to get in tight, like Langdon did and try to outpoint him.

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