Fighting skills of Zdeno Chara in the 2000-2001 NHL

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Jan 4, 2016 16:33 ET
54Chara had 5 fighting majors in 82 regular season games. He had a couple more shit fights where only minors or double minors were called. Most if not all Chara's fights were shit fights this season. He had a couple narrow wins in uneventful fights, against Worrell in round 2, which was his best showing this season considering Worrell was one of the top heavies in the league and against Roy in their "real" fight. Chara had a shit draw with Worrell in their first fight and he also had shit draws against McKenna and much smaller Barnaby. Chara had two more shit draws, against Scott Thornton and Roy (no majors for those fights though).He'd try to lock out his opponent and start to throw with the right. Problem was he had serious balance issues so most of his fights barely lasted ten seconds before he fell or went for the quick takedown.He was not easy to beat due to his size and reach and the fact that he'd lose his balance or wrestle the other guy to the ice very quickly. I don't think he lost a fight this season ,but on the other hand he didn't exactly rack up wins either, even Barnaby managed to draw against him.

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