Fighting skills of Zdeno Chara in the 2001-2002 NHL

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Jan 14, 2016 13:38 ET
45Chara had 10 fighting majors in 01/02 regular season, the most he's ever had in the NHL. He had a couple more non events (Laperriere, Nazarov #1) where only minors or no penalties at all were handed out. Chara's record in 10 fights was 1-3-6, not very impressive and I think this shows that if he had fought mostly heavyweights throughout his career (like he did this season), instead of tomato cans his fight card is full of, his overall record would look a lot different than it does now. Chara's only win this season was a narrow win against Simon in a crap fight, a typical Chara win against a heavy where he landed a few rights early and then lost his balance (bailed). Chara got dropped by Parker, he was edged by Worrell in their first fight and surprisingly Nazarov also got the better of him with a quick flurry at the beginning (also cut Chara) before Chara went for the takedown. Chara had similar shit draws against Odjick and non fighter Melichar, where he went for the takedown before anything really got started. He had draws against Langdon and Hordichuk in quick bouts where he lost his balance quickly. And he had two more draws against Worrell, in round 2 he lost his balance almost right away, but their third fight was at least half decent and a draw as well.Would grab with the left, trying to keep the opponent at bay and throw with the right. I'd say he was very similar to McKenna this season, both huge guys with long reach, but horrible balance. About 7 or 8 out of 10 Chara's fights didn't even last 10 seconds before he lost his balance or wrestled the other guy down.Nazarov surprised and got the better of him with a quick flurry of lefts right off the bat before Chara went for his usual takedown. Parker did pretty well throwing a few bodyshots before Chara left himself open and got caught with a right hand that put him down.

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