Fighting skills of Triston Grant in the 2014-2015 AHL

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Sep 25, 2017 10:40 ET
54This was Triston Grant's last full season in the AHL. Grant's first season in the AHL was back in 2005-2006. He would only play 7 games over the next 2 years in the AHL with two different teams. Grant would move on to the ECHL instead. The Milwaukee Admiral had a great season statistically, scoring 13 goals and having 26 points which were both career highs for him in the AHL. He wasn't very active in the fighting department however. Grant pounded on middleweight Chris Bruton and non fighter Joakim Nordstrom and those were his only wins. He was clearly beaten by Daniel Maggio in their second fight and Maggio was one of the best fighters in the league. Grant drew with Maggio in their first bout which was an awesome toe-to-toe war and his other draw was in a crap fight with mammoth defenseman Joe Finley.

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