Top 10 2018-2019 NHL Fighters 

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When calculating this list, all votes by those who have no star reviews were ignored. Such list is generally more reliable because it disredards votes by many homers and other unreliable members. To include all votes, click here.

Incomplete lists don't count! Such lists are unfair and can be used by homers to try giving someone an unfair advantage. For example, a complete list where Derek Boogaard is placed #1 and Matt Carkner #2 gives Boogaard an advantage over Carkner of 5 points. However, a list where Boogaard is the only player listed gives him an advantage over Carkner of 20 points.

No complete Top 10 lists for this year have been submitted yet

In order to vote, just add players to your personal list. Order matters! The fighter at the top of your list will receive the most points and the one at the bottom of the list - the smallest amount. Here's how to add a player to your list:

  1. Use the box at the bottom to find the player
  2. At the bottom of the Loved / Hated panel find a link saying "Add ... to one of my Top 10 Lists"
  3. Click Top 10 2018-2019 NHL Fighters

To display your Top 10 list, click on your name anywhere, and then View List to the right of "Top 10". To order the fighters on the list, click Edit This List and use the red arrows to do that.


2018-2019 NHL Fights