Apr 11, 1991
Round 1,  Game 5
Hartford - Boston1-6 


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Aug 2, 2007 11:08 ET
Action 6Hartford dominates the first period as the Bruins can not get their power play going. The second period is much more even, but Hartford gets a break and gets the first goal. Moog keeps the Bruins in for their come back in the third that starts with a goal by Bourque that goes off one of the Whalers and catches the goalie off guard. 16 second later and the Bruins lead by one. Cam Neely assits on the third goal and scores the next two on the power play.  
Hits 5
Violence 6
Close: No

Fights: (Cheap) Cote-Wiemer (3), (Rough) Yake-Wesley, (Rough) Houda-Poulin, (Rough) Hunter-Poulin, (Cheap) Evason-Neely (2), (Hit) McKenzie-Janney (3), (Rough) Brown-Lazaro (2), (Cheap) Sidorkiewicz-Burridge, Brawl at 56:18 (7), Brown-Wesley (4), Verbeek-Sweeney, Evason-Sweeney (1)

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