Apr 11, 1978
Round 1,  Game 1
Los Angeles - Toronto3-7


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Jan 31, 2008 07:18 ET
Action 6It was THE GAME for George Ferguson. All season long, he scored just 7 goals. In first two periods against Kings, he was on the ice maybe once or twice, and just only for few seconds. But in the third, when battle was anyway over, because Maple Leafs were 4-0 ahead? He scored hat trick! And, also tied Stanley Cup record for most goals in one period!
Game itself was good first 20 minutes, although Kings defence was terrible all the time and Marcel Dionne invisible. Best players were Butch Goring (with his fabulous helmet, the same, which he used as a "boy") and Kings veteran Stemkowski. Well, it was funny, because he and Leafs "old man" Ron Ellis, they played together for Toronto in 1967. And also, Ellis, Stemkowski and "Canucks" Walton, this "last active trio" remembered last (for ever?) Maple Leafs triumph in Stanley Cup too.
Tempo of first period was very good, but later mostly boring. And donĀ“t forgot. There were also two solid fights... 
Hits 3
Violence 5
Close: No

Fights: Scrum (2), Scrum (1), Goldup-Maloney (3.3), Murdoch-Williams (6.2)

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