Dec 28, 1988Minnesota - Chicago3-4


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Nov 24, 2002 04:12 ET
Action 7When guys score off the rush and beat goalies cleanly from the blue line, you know this game must be at least 10 years old. You also know that anybody employing services of Darren Pang is going to be a loser, whether it's a TV network or a hockey team. And indeed, he sports a whopping 4.63 GAA coming into this game while the Hawks are anchored to the bottom of their division.

There is an early fight in which Sutter expertly jerseys McRae. Not a bad 1st period, but there are too many stoppages for stuff like 2-line pass. The Stars appear to have scored when the goal judge behind the Hawks net signals a goal. However, after Darren Pang takes a swipe in his direction and talking with some Chicago fans behind the net (here is a great new way to decide whether the puck has crossed the goal line!), he changes his mind and the period ends scoreless.

The 2nd period is full of exciting action. There are 6 goals, including one scored by Savard on a breakaway while the Hawks are 2 men short.

A goal by Habscheid just a few seconds into the 3rd pulls Minnesota back within one. Another good period, even though not as exciting as the one before. The Stars fail to score and lose the game. There is a brawl after the final whistle where Ciccarelli and Savard exchange punches over Paul Stewart's body who does a great job pulling them apart. 
Hits 6
Violence 7
Close: Yes
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May 13, 2017 05:59 ET
Action 8Teams Lineups and Boxscore:

40) Pang- 31) Belfour

24) D.Wilson- 3) Manson
4) K.Brown- 5) Konroyd
25) McGill

28) Larmer- 18) Savard- 33) Graham
32) Thomas- 22) Creighton- 17) Presley
15) Bassen- 12) D.Sutter- 19) T.Murray
11) Eagles- 29) Ludzik- 10) Noonan

30) Casey- 35) Myllys

2) Giles- 4) Hartsburgh
3) Rouse- 24) Tinordi
26) Chambers- 5) Siren

23) Bellows- 15) Gagner- 18) Fraser
10) Habscheid- 7) N.Broten- 27) MacLellan
22) Pasek- 17) McRae- 20) Ciccarelli
14) Archibald- 12) Gavin- 31) De Palma

1st Period:
No Goals

2nd Period:
1-0: Steve Larmer (18th)
1-1: Basil McRae (9th)
2-1: Denis Savard (15th)
2-2: Shawn Chambers (2nd)
3-2: Dave Manson (10th)
4-2: Adam Creighton (8th)

3rd Period:
4-3: Marc Habscheid (10th)

Fourth game of the season between classic division rivals. Hawks won this battle after scoring 4 2nd period goals. Creighton scored his first tally as a Hawk, and top guys Manson, Savard and Larmer added a goal and an assist each for the locals. Habscheid got a goal and added an assist for the NorthStars. Pang made 22 saves and Casey 32.  
Hits 7
Violence 8
Close: Yes

Fights: (Cheap) McRae-Bassen, McRae-Sutter (6.7), Scrum at 60:00, (Rough) Ciccarelli-Savard

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