BattleshipRules Love List


1J.-Bob "Battleship" Kelly One of the great fighters in the history of professional hockey. Destroyed Dave Schultz as an NHL rookie and was avoided like the plague for most of his career. Had great balance and tremendous punching power. The most feared man in hockey in the mid-1970's. He was the heavyweight champ of the NHL in the 1973-74 season. He may have been the best fighter in hockey from 1967-1974. Terrorized the opposition in the IHL, AHL, and the NHL.
2Garry Howatt The "Toy Tiger" was the most fearless player I've ever seen. Never backed down from anyone. Not a big puncher, but a clever fighter who outboxed many bigger opponents. Great pound for pound fighter and underrated part of the Islanders team.
3Jack McIlhargey The Wolfman had the fastest hands ever. Furious two-fisted assaults. Was too fast for O'Reilly and Fotiu. He was exciting and had some great bouts with Tiger Williams. Truly great fighter. Jack Mac rules!
4Bob Gassoff A real tough customer. Fought with a scary intensity. Would go beserk during bench-clearing situations. A man to be feared.
5Bert Wilson He was a great fighter with incredible punching power. Didn't look imposing, but his punches did a lot of damage. Probably the most underrated fighter in NHL history. One of the best pound for pound.
6Clark Gillies An outstanding hockey player, feared fighter, and a class act. Devastating puncher. His knockout of Ed Hospadar was chilling. His physical play contributed greatly to the Islanders dynasty.
7Bob Nystrom Fast hands, great balance, and good defense. Excellent boxer and accurate puncher. The fight with Wensink featured all these elements at their best. Could land heavy shots and stay out of harm's way. Scored some huge playoff goals!
8Terry O'Reilly The ultimate warrior. Had fast hands and good power. Showed all kinds of courage fighting Gillies again and again. Was the heart and soul of the Bruins. Played hockey with skill and incredible passion. A true gladiator. He is a good guy as well and is great with the fans.
9Bobby Orr Best two way hockey player that ever lived. Plus/minus rating was by far the highest in league history. Good fighter and tough as nails. A truly phenomenal human being. Orr was the best!
10Cam Neely Great player and outstanding fighter. An all-time great Bruin. Played the game with passion and skill. Helped the Bruins win the Stanley Cup this year with his input on roster moves.
11Larry Robinson One of the best hockey players ever. Didn't fight often, but was a physical force. Battered Dave Schultz after the cheap shot on John Van Boxmeer. Way to stick up for a teammate.
12Dave Hoyda Very underrated fighter. Tremendous power and fought the best. A dangerous man. Couldn't play hockey worth a lick, but boy could he fight.
13Jim Korn I love him because he played for Providence College, my alma mater. He was a crazy maniac, but entertaining. His fight with Wally Weir on top of the penalty box was a classic. Father Harkins must have rolled over in his grave during that one.
14Fern Flaman Had some great battles with Gordie Howe. A tough customer from the old school. I had the pleasure of meeting him. A real gentleman.
15Jim McKenzie Great fighter. Dominated Tony Twist in a couple of fights. I loved when he jumped Tie Domi to pay him back for the Niedermeyer hit. One of the best of his era.
16Joey Kocur My pick as the greatest puncher ever. Bone crunching power. Great torque on his punches.
17Brian Curran The Colonel went about his job as an enforcer with a passion. Tough customer and willing to fight anyone. Type of guy you love when he is on your team. Probably would hate him on another team. An entertaining instigator.
18Terry Ruskowski One of the great pound for pound fighters. Often surprised the big guys and gave them a beating. Very underrated as a fighter and a player.
19Peter Driscoll Fought the Quebec Nordiques almost single-handedly during the famous Jodzio brawl of 1976. The Calgary Cowboys were outgunned facing a Quebec team stockpiled with tough guys. Driscoll heroically protected his teammates. Someone would have probably been killed if he wasn't on the ice.
20Jack Carlson Best WHA fighter ever. Great fighter who dominated before injuries hampered him somewhat. Great balance. Utilized his reach. Devastating power.
21Danny Gare Outstanding fighter and player. Fought the best and gave a good account of himself. Deserves the greatest respect. Often fought despite serious injuries.
22Nick Fotiu Larry Holmes on ice skates. A great boxer. Threw jabs and feinted. It was frustrating that he was a little too cautious at times. Fotiu was an important contibutor to a Rangers team that was always lacking tough guys.
23Barry Beck A bad man. Few dared to mess with him. Was a beast in his prime. A top five NHL fighter in his Rockies years.
24Wendel Clark Great power forward. Excellent player and dangerous fighter.
25Gordie Howe Was the greatest physical force in NHL history. No one dared to fight him when he was over 50 years old. A great man and ambassador for hockey.
26Brad Park Most underrated player in NHL history. Truly great player. Scrappy and tough. Always stood up for his teammates. A great guy. Very gracious to fans.
27Dave Hutchison One of the best fighters of his era. Had some impressive wins over the likes of Larry Robinson and Bob Nystrom. A force to be reckoned with on the ice.
28Hank Nowak Very good fighter. Took on the toughest customers in the league. My father said that one of his favorite fights was when Hank took on Battleship Kelly. He looked like he was going to get killed, but got up and gave a good account of himself. Had two excellent fights with Dave Hutchison.
29Curt Bennett He was a real tough hombre. Few people wanted to tangle with him. He and his brother Harvey were excellent fighters. People ususally left them alone.
30Harold Snepsts Used his size to great advantage. Could hang in there with any one. Really enjoyed his role. I've never seen a guy laugh hysterically during fights like him.
31Willi Plett Always a top enforcer. Good overall fighter. Took on all comers. Had a good defense. That was why he had such a long career as an enforcer. Very good hockey player as well.
32Bob Paradise Rugged, tough defenseman. Knocked down and beat up Clark Gillies in the 1975 playoffs. I love how he didn't have to act like an enforcer. He knew he was tough and so did everyone else. Just wanted to concentrate on hockey.
33Stan Jonathan Kayo artist. Best pound for pound puncher in NHL history. Could be outboxed at times, but a real dangerous man. Only criticism is that I didn't like when he tackled guys like Garry Howatt and Bert Wilson. He should have traded with them and let the best man win. At his best against the big guys like John Hilworth and Behn Wilson.
34John Wensink Intimidating presence on the ice. Strong as a bull. Good balance and powerful puncher. Gave Battleship Kelly and Behn Wilson the worst losses of their careers.
35Lyndon Byers Powerful puncher. Beat the snot out of Glen Cochrane and Craig Berube. Tough to beat during his prime.
36Jay Miller Tremendous stamina. Fought some marathon bouts. Great enforcer. Fought all comers and backed down from no one.
37Behn Wilson One of the greatest fighters in NHL history. Impressive victories over Gillies and Beck. Great overall fighter. Could box, throw beautiful combinations, and land crunching power punches. Rarely beaten.
38Mel Bridgman Excellent fighter. Savage two-fisted assaults. Quick and powerful. Rarely in a bad fight. Mad Mel was The King of the Bench-Clearers.
39Darryl Sittler Good fighter. I love guys like him who are great players, but who will stand up for themselves when challenged. See his fight with Paul Holmgren.
40Rick Tocchet Exciting fighter. Had some great battles with Cam Neely. Outstanding player as well.
41George McPhee Undersized warrior. Outstanding fighter and as courageous as they come.
42Shawn Thornton Very good fighter and important cog in Bruins Stanley Cup winning team. A great leader and emotional spark plug. Has really become a good player through practice and hard work.
43Curt Fraser Great fighter. A force to be reckoned with. One of the best of the era. Good player as well.
44Gilbert Perreault One of my father's favorite players. Great skater and graceful. Left Dan Maloney a bloody mess early in his career. That really took some stones.
45John Ferguson Devastating two-fisted fighter. Often left a wake of destruction in his path. One of the most feared punchers of his day. Was a clutch playoff performer as well.
46Larry Playfair Bad Larry was a great power puncher. Was tough to beat in a toe-to-toe slugfest. Took on all comers in the 1980's. Was in some very exciting fights.
47Jim Schoenfeld One of the toughest in the NHL during the 1970's. Could hold his own with any one. Famously stood up to the Bruins in late 1972. They got the worst of it for sure.
48Billy Smith He was awesome. He really knew how to rile up opponents and take them out of their game. Could fight and use his stick with the best of them. Clutch playoff goalie as well. A real hockey legend.
49Ken Houston Gave Dave Schultz a horrific beating and broke his jaw. The Atlanta Flames always had a tough roster, and he added some of the muscle. He was an excellent fighter who packed a wallop. Few people wanted to mess with him.
50Al Secord My father was so upset that the Bruins traded him for Mike O'Connell that he wouldn't root for the Bruins for years. Secord was a very good fighter before he started to have back problems in the mid-1980's. Had some great goal scoring years with the Blackhawks.
51Rob Ray Dangerous enforcer who was rarely in a bad fight. Suffered some bad defeats, but could inflict a lot of pain if he connected first. Loved it when he mercilessly battered a numbskull fan who ran onto the ice during a game.
52Keith Magnuson One of the most courageous men to ever put on a NHL uniform. A below average fighter and victim of many bloody beatings. He never gave up and was the heart and soul of the Black Hawks team.
53Carol Vadnais One of my father's favorite members of the Bruins juggernaut in the early 1970's. Had modest fighting ability, but a game competitor who routinely took on the toughest guys in the league. An outstanding offensive defenseman. R.I.P.
54Yvon Labre Had the heart of a warrior. Would fight the toughest guys in the league to protect his hapless Capitals teammate. Had only average fighting ability, but was a good leader, player, and man.
55John Hilworth One of the most devastating punchers of his era. Had a big KO win over Wolfman McIlhargey. Beat some of the very best in hockey before his sad demise at the hands of Behn Wilson. An underrated fighter that deserves to be remembered for being great with his fists.
56Bob Probert Perhaps the best hockey fighter of all-time. He was a great boxer-puncher with incredible stamina and recuperative powers. Had a long career of fighting the best the NHL had to offer.
57Charles Constantin One of the best WHA fighters. Good power puncher.
58Paul Mulvey One of the most underrated fighters in NHL history. One of the elite heavyweights of his day.
59P.J. Stock One of the great crowd-pleasing fighters of all time. Gutsy and courageous.
60Mike Korney The "Baby Duck" was a tough defenseman who few dared to mess with. He had great size for his era and he put a good beating on Rick Jodzio when playing for the Hampton Gulls.
61Dave Richter One of the best fighters during the 1980's. I can't understand the haters. He was a terrific fighter who beat some excellent fighters.
62Robin Big Snake This proud Native Canadian was a clever minor league tactician. He was a chunky fighter who did not look physically imposing, but could hold his own with the baddest enforcers around.
63Ken Morrow He was no fighter, but an underrated quality defenseman. 3 out of his 28 career goals were playoff overtime winners. A dependable player in the clutch. Also, an important cog in the 1980 U.S. Olympic squad. This guy was a winner.
64Don Jackson He was a real warrior. His reputation suffers from from bad stoppage losses in the latter part of his career. He had some good performances against Curt Fraser, Bob Nystrom, and Jim Peplinski.
65Nevin Markwart He packed a good wallop for a small guy. He took some beatings along the way, but he had terrific heart. He was in some exciting fights. He was a real warrior.
66Keith Kokkola Big and tough WHA enforcer who deserves some love.
67Dale Smedsmo "Smo" was an exciting brawler who had a colorful career with the Hampton Gulls of the SHL and the Cincinnati Stingers of the WHA.
68Bruce Greig Underrated power puncher who could bust some heads with guys foolish enough to trade with him. A huge man for the era. The Seals were stupid in not keeping him as much needed muscle. Destroyed Colin Campbell in a fight in his brief NHL stint.
69Peter McNamee An underrated fighter who beat the crap out of Gord Gallant. One of the best in the WHA.
70Adam McQuaid A good fighter who has been a big help in policeman duties for the Bruins. No one is quicker to stand up for his teammates. He is a great guy who I met in person.
71Cam Connor Tough WHA fighter and good player as well. Had a great fight with "Bad News" Bilodeau.
72Pierre Guite Rugged winger and pretty good WHA player.
73Bryon Baltimore Tough WHA defenseman.
74Curt Brackenbury WHA wildman who holds record for most penalty minutes in a season. Brave undersized guy who would fight anyone at the drop of a hat.
75Kim Clackson Singlehandedly stood up to the Birmingham Bulls goon squad to protect Ulf Nilsson and Anders Hedberg. One of the best fighters in the WHA.
76Barry Melrose A solid fighter-wrestler who played the game the right way. Not an elite heavyweight by any means. An average fighter, but a gutsy competitor. The man with the mullet is one of the best hockey analysts in the business. He loves aggressive and chippy play and is a real credit to the sport of hockey.
77Bob Kelly The Hound was a tough customer who gave his all in fights. He was involved in good action fights. He earned the respect of teammates and opponents alike. He was a gladiator on the ice.
78Wayne Cashman One of the best fighters of the early 1970's. He was a wildman who could do some damage with his left hooks. The top heavyweight of the "Big, Bad Bruins" Stanley Cup champions.
79Dennis Polonich Had a lot of heart for such a small guy. Gave it his all in his fights. Took on some real tough customers
80Sean Shanahan A rugged fighter who was not quite good enough of a player to last in the NHL. Was a respected fighter who was called up by the Canadiens for added muscle in a preseason game against the Flyers. Had an impressive fight card. He also played for the Providence College Friars.
81Val James A terrific fighter and a minor league fighting legend. Fast hands, good power, and great stamina. He could fight with the best in the business in his prime.
82Ron Delorme A real gladiator on the ice. Fought some toe-to-toe battles with the toughest guys in the NHL. In some great action fights.
83Dave "Tiger" Williams Not a great fighter, but a pretty good scrapper who had a lot of courage. He was involved in a lot of good action bouts. An underrated hockey player.
84Dennis Vial A fierce warrior who rarely was in a bad fight.
85Gerry Fleming An excellent underrated fighter. He was big, powerful, and packed a terrific wallop. He could punch with either hand and he had a lot of fighting stamina. He was a wrecking ball in his prime. Had a couple of impressive wins over Link Gaetz.
86Steve Jensen He had limited physical skills, but he took on tough customers and slugged it out. He had a lot of guts.
87Bob McGill A good fighter with a lot of courage. Fell short in most of his big fights, but won some impressive victories over Joe Kocur and Kevin McClelland
88Jeff Chychrun Tough customer who had the stones to take on the best. An intelligent fighter and a good puncher despite limited physical tools.
89Jim Kyte He was an elite fighter for many years with wins over several top heavyweights.
90Craig Coxe Involved in several thrilling slugfests. Always a dangerous guy to square off with. He was too easy to hit, but he was capable of some great moments with his fists.
91John Huber Beat up Frank Beaton three times in one game. Huber deserves to be rescued from obscurity. He was one of the best minor league pound-for-pound battlers of the 1970's.
92Tim Hunter Terrific fighter. He was a good puncher. He was a smart tactical fighter. He had great stamina and the ability to absorb a blow. Was involved in many great action bouts.
93Morris Mott Earned a Ph'D in history and was an Olympic hero for Canada in 1968. He is a brilliant man and was a loved member of the Seals. He even had his own fan club. Morris is a cultured individual with a common touch. He is a great guy.
94Phil Russell A solid battler who was an adequate and legitimate heavyweight in the 1970's. Phil was a good player who played the role of an enforcer when his teammates needed help or if a player took liberties with him. He played the game the way it was meant to be played.
95Rocky Saganiuk A tough and courageous little battler. He battled through serious injuries. He could play the game and fight.
96Jack Egers A good fighter and underrated tough guy.
97Craig Reichmuth A tough New York Raiders/Golden Blades and Jersey Knights battler. Provided muscle in the early years of the WHA.
98Bruce Shoebottom I will never forget his contributions in the playoff series between the Bruins and Sabres in the late 1980's. Shoe was a memorable guy and quite a character.
99Jay Wells Very good fighter with excellent hand speed and power. Had a lot of good performances against top fighters.
100Torrie Robertson Torrie was not one of the better fighters in the NHL. He was a pretty effective enforcer in that he fought the toughest guys around and rarely got badly beaten. He could hang tough with most guys and frustrate some top fighters. I am fond of him for sentimental reasons. I loved to watch him go at it with Bruins in the 1980's. He did wrestle far too much, but he was not the pushover his detractors sometimes make him out to be.
101Larry Melnyk An underrated battler. He packed a good wallop for a light heavyweight. His performance against Dave Brown was terrific. The only NHL fight I have seen in person was when Melnyk fought Ron Duguay in 1982.
102Basil McRae Tough battler who could give top fighters fits. He was a clever boxer and volume puncher. Not the most powerful guy and could get overwhelmed sometimes in match-ups with elite guys.
103Tim Horton He was a one-of-a-kind original. He was a wrestler, but the kind that brought the pain on a consistent basis. Tim was so good at his role that he made Dave Schultz cry "uncle" in an altercation. One of the strongest men pound-for-pound in NHL history. He was a great defenseman who tragically left the earth too soon.
104Steve Dykstra He was a warrior who gave some tough customers all they could handle. A good offensive fighter with defensive deficiencies. He was as gutsy as they come.
105John Kordic He was a great fighter. Terrific handspeed and prodigious punch output. He had perhaps the best footwork of any fighter I have seen. His constant circling was a terrific defensive maneuver because he was rarely a stationary target. Very smart and cerebral on the ice. It was too bad he didn't use the same intelligence off the ice.
106Terry Carkner He was a real formidable guy. He was a legitimate heavyweight who pulled off a good number of upset wins. He was an underrated battler.
107Bob Rouse He was a good fighter involved in many excellent scraps. He was very tough.
108Bennett Wolf He was an elite heavyweight fighter. He gave John Wensink and Craig Coxe all they could handle. He had excellent punching power. I have seen several of his fights with the Baltimore Skipjacks.
109Shane Churla Very tough fighter and was in a lot of exciting battles. Won a lot of big fights.
110Mark Tinordi A very good fighter. Had some classic wars. An underrated battler.
111Darin Kimble An exciting battler and as gutsy as they come. Could hurt guys if he landed first.
112Jeff Odgers He was as brave and game as anyone I've ever seen. He was a gladiator on the ice.
113Craig Berube The Chief was a great fighter. He was very powerful for his size and clever. He could always handle himself against the very best.
114Bill Huard Bone crunching puncher who destroyed Tony Twist and Dave Brown on one occasion. A dangerous man and a vastly underrated fighter.
115Patrick Cote He was a real tough customer who had a series of fights with Tony Twist. He gave a good account of himself. He had some good wins over excellent opposition.
116Darren Langdon He was a small heavyweight who had limited physical tools. He made up for it with smart boxing. An underrated fighter with a lot of upset wins.
117Allan Stewart As gutsy as they come. A light heavy who took on the biggest and baddest heavyweights around. Could take a lot of punishment. Somewhat underrated. Most of his losses came against elite fighters who had a big edge in size and power.
118Donald Brashear I really like watching him fight. He was very smart and good on the inside. I like clever tacticians and Donald could box and bang equally well. He was one of the greatest hockey fighters of all time. I love how he made Marty McSorley his personal whipping boy.
119Todd Gill A formidable and tough light heavyweight. He was a big hitter for his size. This was a guy who could really surprise if you took him lightly. He was in a lot of good action bouts.
120Rick Hayward Outstanding minor league fighter and one of the best of his era.
121Rod Buskas He was a pretty good scrapper who would stick up for a teammate at the drop of a hat. He was a brave guy with above-average pop in his left hand.
122Brent Hughes Not a good fighter, but as brave and gutsy as they come. He was in a lot of entertaining scraps.
123Greg Campbell He can't fight worth a lick, but I admire his courage. He sticks up for his teammates and played with a broken leg for awhile in a playoff game. He is an asset for the Bruins.
124Bill Armstrong Very tough and underrated minor league battler. Packed a good wallop.
125Kelly Chase Packed a wallop with both hands. An excellent light heavyweight. As tough as nails.
126Bob Bassen A gutsy small fighter who was as tough as nails. Took on some tough guys and was an entertaining scrapper.
127Rick Chartraw Rugged and tough player for the Canadiens in the 1970's. He could handle himself with his fists.
128Pierre Bouchard A good heavyweight in his prime. Stood up to Dave Schultz and performed admirably. Reputation suffers from the horrific loss to Stan Jonathan. Not too many guys wanted to start with him in his best days.
129Serge Roberge Great minor league fighter. One of the pound-for-pound best in professional hockey. Had a good punch and could tie up the arms of an opponent. Incredibly strong.
130Mike Natyshak A good puncher and underrated fighter. A minor league heavyweight who scored a TKO win over Link Gaetz.
131Darryl Edestrand A tough light heavyweight with a good fight card. He wasn't afraid to go with anyone. My father loved it when he beat up Orr. My dad was a huge Orr fan too.
132Serge Beaudoin This was a bad man. He could handle his business and few messed with him. This was unlike some of the overrated Birmingham Bulls. Rick Jodzio compared him to Clark Gillies.
133Jerry Dupont He had a lot of guts. Not a very good fighter, but a warrior who backed down from no one.
134Gary Nylund Was a very good fighter in his prime. A top heavyweight during the 1985-86 season. Had some good tussles with the Bruise Brothers.
135Paul MacDermid Bone-crunching big hitter. A pretty good fighter as well.
136Kevin Morrison A good fighter, quality defenseman, and a great guy. A WHA legend.
137John Erskine An excellent fighter and one of the most underrated guys of recent years. He can give anyone a run for their money.
138Ian MacPhee A Toledo Goaldiggers legend. A Stan Jonathan clone. A great little fighter. Had a classic rivalry with Jonathan in the IHL.
139Paul Tantardini Murder Inc. Part of the famous Toledo Goaldiggers squad that had Doug Mahood, Ian MacPhee, and Willie Trognitz. These were "the butchers" that the dumb Seals management refused to bring up to the NHL.
140Mark Janssens A good fighter who had a lot of exciting bouts.
141Randy McKay He was a warrior who was in lots of entertaining fights. A good player as well.
142Orland Kurtenbach One of the best fighters of his era. A top heavyweight.
143Stu Grimson A slugger who was in a lot of exciting fights. A good guy as well.
144Sandy McCarthy In countless thrilling battles. He was a tireless volume puncher who could bang. One of the best in the NHL in the mid-1990's.
145Ken Baumgartner He was a great fighter. A smart tactician and a good puncher.
146Phil Crowe He was a warrior. He was in a number of thrilling bouts.
147Dirk Graham He was a pretty tough guy. He took on a lot of top fighters and fought in a respectable manner. A good and underrated player as well.
148Stephane Quintal Tough and underrated. Had a great fight card for a skilled player.
149Cam Russell He was a warrior. Lost most of his fights, but was capable of some upsets. He was better than people think.
150Mike Keane He was in some classic battles. A left handed volume-puncher with good stamina.
151Grant Mulvey A pretty good player and fighter. He wasn't afraid to take on tough customers. Had a good battle with Bob Gassoff.
152Brent Thompson He was in a lot of good action fights. A tough customer.
153Mario Roberge He was an outstanding fighter, especially for his modest size. The Roberge brothers were among the best pound-for-pound fighters of their era. Both were good boxers, defensive fighters, and powerful hitters.
154Scott Walker How could you not love this guy. An incredible warrior.
155Chris Murray An exciting battler in a lot of good fights.
156Dean Chynoweth Smart tactical fighter who was a bit undersized. Could hold his own with heavyweights and packed a good wallop in his left hand.
157Jody Shelley One of the most underrated fighters of his era. Not a great fighter, but good enough to have wins over several elite enforcers and all time greats. Could give anyone a run for the money at his best.
158Brian Sutter A very good fighter and hockey player. The best fighter and player of the famous Sutter brothers.
159Dan Kordic A very good heavyweight fighter. He was a banger in a lot of great battles.
160Ryan VandenBussche He provided countless thrills. A very exciting fighter.
161Larry Cahan A real tough customer. Very underrated.
162Ken Hodge Not a noted fighter, but a strong powerful man who could wrestle well. He is a phenomenal human being. It was a distinct pleasure meeting him and a moment I will never forget.
163Scott Parker Very tough and powerful. A bit inconsistent, but could give anyone a run for the money in his prime.
164Georges Laraque He was a great fighter and genius is often misunderstood. Sometimes his fights could be stinkers, but there were a good many exciting contests mixed in. He beat some monsters in his day and was a dominant heavyweight of his era. A good boxer with a lot of pop in his left hand. He was a very sportsmanlike and respectable man. He was an all time great.
165Peter Worrell An intelligent boxer with some pop in his punches. Had a great won-loss record. Good defensive fighter who used his height and reach effectively.
166Paul Laus Good puncher and his fights were fun to watch. He brought the pain on a regular basis.
167Krzysztof Oliwa An underrated fighter. As willing as they come. His fights with good opponents were usually competitive. He was a solid battler and entertaining. I enjoy watching him fight. I've heard some stuff about his personal life I don't like, but this guy was no patsy. He could put up a heck of a fight. Had better than average punching power. Pulled off some big upset wins.
168Rudy Poeschek Very tough customer in a lot of exciting battles.
169Dennis Bonvie He was a warrior. I loved how he would slingshot himself into punches at an opponent. A very exciting fighter.
170Rocky Thompson Rocky was an all action entertainer. Fast hands and good power.
171Reid Simpson His fights were a lot of fun to watch.
172Brent Severyn An excellent fighter. Strong and imposing.
173Blake Wesley This was a guy with a lot of guts. Had modest abilities as a fighter. Displayed all kinds of courage in taking one of the worst muggings in hockey history. Was held down by Boris Fistric and a parade of goons and pounded mercilessly on the ice during a brawl against the New Westminster Bruins in 1979. He had an indomitable spirit and had several fights the rest of the year. He stood up for himself and didn't let the bullies prevail.
174Alek Stojanov Tough and underrated fighter. In a lot of good bouts.
175Terry Ryan He was a warrior. He was in a lot of exciting shootouts.
176Todd Harvey He was a warrior with a lot of guts.
177Gary Roberts An underrated fighter. He was as tough as nails. He was an excellent player who courageously bounced back from some debilitating injuries.
178Doug Zmolek A warrior on the ice. Better than his won-loss record indicates. Knocked out a couple of McSorley's teeth in an upset win.
179Kris King A very formidable fighter for a long time.
180Glen Cochrane He was a great underrated fighter. A murderous puncher. A real formidable man. He could be cheap and dirty. I used to have him on my hate list, but I really enjoy watching his fights. One of the elite fighters of the 1980's.
181Steve Leach He had a lot of guts. A poor fighter, but always gave all he had.
182Darcy Hordichuk Really tough guy. In a lot of terrific action fights.
183Normand Leveille This was one of the great tragedies in Bruins history. He was a very promising player. He shows a lot of courage trying to do routine tasks in life. I got to see him play in person at the old Boston Garden.
184Rick Middleton He is a great human being. It was a great experience meeting him. Has worked with disabled players and has given them the thrill of playing hockey.
185Dean Malkoc He was an entertaining scrapper. Tough and competitive.
186Phil Roberto He didn't fight often, but he was tough. He went into the crowd and popped fans at the Boston Garden and at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. That took stones.
187Bobby Robins A nice story. Perseveres and makes NHL debut a week short of his 33rd birthday. A tough customer who will fight at the drop of a hat.
188Eric Cairns A big dangerous hitter. Knew how to use his size well. One of the best heavyweights of his era.
189Hector Marini He was a warrior who would slug it out with anyone. He got blasted a number of times by Glen Cochrane. He reportedly scored an incredible upset win over Behn Wilson. He also beat Jack McIlhargey in a fight.
190Hal Willis Mad Dog was a tough customer and a heavyweight of his day.
191Grant Marshall He didn't fool around out there. He was in a lot of exciting slugfests.
192Kevin McClelland He packed quite a wallop in his left hand. Could be out boxed, but had some terrific performances against all time greats like Wilson and Kordic. An exciting battler.
193Neil Wilkinson He was a tough customer. In a lot of good bouts.
194Sean O'Donnell He played the game the right way. He was quick to stand up for teammates and take on tough heavyweights. A solid fighter and player.
195Jamie Pushor Not a top fighter, but a tough battler. Was in a lot of entertaining scraps.
196Steve Thomas Not afraid to throw down. In several entertaining fights. A good underrated player.
197Ed Jovanovski A good player who could fight.
198Gary Morrison Tough minor league battler.
199Derian Hatcher Good hitter and fighter. Very tough battler.
200Al Tuer Always took on tough customers. Not a great fighter, but he could surprise.
201Jim Hargreaves A good fighter who took on some of the best of his era.
202Jamie Huscroft He was a tough battler with some pop in his left hand.
203Tim Kerr Great goal scorer and solid fighter.
204Ray Bourque One of the all-time greats. A class act as well.
205Mike Bloom Tough underrated fighter.
206Al McLeod Solid player and fighter. Would fight tough customers when he had to.
207Denny Lambert He was tough and scrappy. Had modest ability, but was willing to throw down with the best.
208Stephen Peat An exciting action fighter.
209Francis Lessard A real warrior. He loves to fight. Very active and entertaining.
210Shayne Corson One of the better pound-for-pound fighters of the era. A smart boxer and good puncher.
211Todd Fedoruk The Fridge was a slugger and he was in a lot of exciting fights. Someone was likely to get hurt in his fights. A real warrior.
212Joey Tetarenko Joey was an exciting fighter. Not afraid to slug it out with anyone.
213Reed Low He was fun to watch. Loved to scrap and was a volume puncher.
214Jason Strudwick He was a tough, entertaining battler. One of the best pure boxers in professional hockey.
215Darren McCarty I like guys like him who can actually play the game in addition to fighting. He was a throwback player. A good fighter with longevity.
216Richard Scott He was fun to watch. He fearlessly traded power punches in his short, but eventful career.
217Doug Doull He was tough and put up a good fight. Did a nice job of enforcing with the Bruins.
218Chris McAllister He was a very good fighter in his prime. He used his size and reach well. A real formidable guy.
219Chris Neil Very tough battler. A throwback. Hasn't changed his game in the new era de-emphasizing fighting. Every team should have a guy like him.
220Ray Kurpis A very tough customer who fought Val James over and over again. Deserves to be remembered.
221Rob DiMaio As tough as nails. Put up a great fight on a consistent basis.
222Nick Boynton I saw him play a lot on the Bruins. He had modest fighting ability, but he was quick to stand up for teammates.
223Jim Vandermeer He was an exciting battler. He gave it everything he had in fights on a consistent basis.
224Mitch Fritz A brilliant boxer. Was a good defensive fighter and could capitalize when guys made mistakes. I like strategists like him.
225Darwin McPherson He could fight. Gave Tony Twist a tough battle in the Dub. He deserves some recognition.
226Adam Oates A truly great player. One of the best playmakers. Helped Brett Hull and Cam Neely achieve great feats. Maybe the most underrated player of his generation. Richly deserving of the Hall of Fame. He blasted Harry Sinden's cheapskate ways and was sent out of Boston. The team was terrible for years in his aftermath. The only thing I don't like about him is that he beat my Providence College Friars in 1985 to win the NCAA national championship for RPI. LOL
227Randy Burridge The "Stump" was one of my favorite players as a kid. He would go through a brick wall to get a loose puck. Got every ounce out of his ability.
228Brett Hull A thrilling offensive player. A pure sniper. He was funny, smart, and articulate. Good insights about the game.
229Don Cherry He promotes old school toughness in hockey. Has always emphasized the physical side of the game and articulated the need for enforcers. I don't like his Euro-bashing. I don't endorse some of his outrageous comments. Still, I think he is good for the sport. I like his flair and candor. I don't care that he doesn't toe the line for the politically correct crowd. He is a colorful character and an entertaining storyteller. He is a man forged in his time. He had to survive the horrors of playing for Eddie Shore and the Springfield Indians. I think he a refreshing antidote to the pansies who write for THN. If you can overlook some obvious character flaws, it is evident that he knows the game well. I like the bluster, pet pit bulls, and outrageous blazers. He is a one-of-a-kind individual.
230Milt Schmidt Uncle Miltie is a great guy. I got a chance to meet him personally. He is as sharp as a tack at well over ninety years old. He was a great player with grit and toughness. Perhaps the greatest GM in Bruins history. Pulled off the Esposito, Hodge, Stanfield trade. This was one of the biggest steals of all time.
231Emile "Butch" Bouchard As tough as they come in his day. His son Pierre wasn't too shabby either.
232Nathan Perrott A very smart tactician. Good on the inside. Underrated and formidable.
233Dan LaCouture He had modest fighting ability, but bravely took the role as primary enforcer for the 2005-06 Bruins. He had some pop in his left hand and was gutsy.
234Jeremy Reich He was a solid middleweight who did a nice job as a primary enforcer for the Bruins.
235Jason Wiemer He was a very good light heavyweight fighter. He could be cheap and dirty, but he was a clever two handed fighter who could box and punch. He was underrated.
236Owen Nolan Very tough and a good player.
237Jon Rheault I watched him play at Providence College. He was a good offensive player with a nice shot.
238Jon Gillies My favorite hockey moment of all time was when Providence College won the NCAA championship in 2015. Gillies played great in goal in the Frozen Four tourney. He will make a good pro.
239Cody Wild I saw Cody play quite a bit at Providence College. I met him in person. He is a great guy. He takes after his mother. LOL. I remember that his father was mouthy and rowdy at games. He was a feisty guy and Wild may have made it to the NHL if he had that kind of fire. He was a local kid from Rhode Island. His dad sat a few rows in front of us on a few occasions.
240Paul Bissonnette Biz Nasty was a clever boxer who carved out a pretty good career as an NHL enforcer.
241Brian McGrattan Great boxer-puncher. Tremendous stamina and crunching power. An all-around fighter and an all-time great.
242George Parros A class act. He was a tough customer with a lot of good wins. Inconsistent with balance issues, but a formidable guy.
243Mike Bossy A real distinguished gentleman. I had the privilege of meeting him in person. My favorite hockey player as a kid growing up in the 1980's. He won't get much love on this site from people who would rather have Steve Bosse on their team than Mike Bossy. One of the greatest snipers of all time. He could hit a mosquito on the ass from 40 feet away.
244Matt O'Dette He was in a lot of exciting fights. Had a great rivalry with Terry Ryan.
245Joel Otto He was a tough customer and a good player. Big, physical, and pretty good with the fists.
246Jerry Rollins A tough WHA battler.
247Alan Globensky One of the best in the business in the 1970's.
248Joel Theriault The Animal has been in the business of busting heads for over twenty years and business is good.
249David Koci This guy was pretty fearless. He was in a lot of good action fights. Took on all comers. He had some pop in his punches.
250Krys Barch Had modest ability, but he was a game battler. He was in a lot of good scraps.
251Riley Cote Can't believe I forgot to add him to my list. He was very fun to watch. He was a gutsy warrior. Better than his won-loss record indicates. Constantly fought the toughest guys around.
252D.J. King He was a big puncher and loved to get into shootouts. He was talented and an exciting performer.
253Eric Boulton Fun to watch. A battler and competitor
254Cam Janssen Good technical boxer. Great stamina. Consistently entertaining to watch.
255Matt Clackson Little Clacker. A tough hombre like his dad.
256Colton Orr I wish the Bruins kept him. He was one of the biggest hitters I've seen. He was consistently in great fights.
257Eric Godard Good fighter. Heavy puncher. A bit overrated, but a force to be reckoned with. A bit inconsistent, but a threat to beat anyone.
258Jean Ratelle Great hockey player and a class act.
259Jarome Iginla Great player and tough to boot.
260Ivan Prediger A tough customer with a good rivalry with Battleship Kelly.
261Doug Murray I really like tough Euros. It's not about the country of origin, but about a physical mindset. He could hit and fight.
262Matt Walker Very formidable and underrated fighter.
263Frank Golembrosky A very tough pound for pound battler. With Battleship Kelly, he presented his own version of the Port Huron Statement.
264Len Ircandia A fearless guy who fought every Toledo tough guy over and over again.
265Erik Foley Keep an eye on him. He is tearing it up for Providence College. He is a third round pick for Winnipeg. Great offensive skills and a good hitter. I predict he will be a good NHL player. A great kid and a class act.
266Cam Brown A very good minor league fighter. Deserves recognition for battling the best in the business. Had a lot of big wins.
267Peter McNab A good consistent player for the Bruins.
268Derek Sanderson He definitely wasn't a good announcer. He was a gifted player and a good fighter in his early years. Held his own with Ferguson, Fleming, Kurtenbach, and Horton. He was an agitator in the epicenter of many brawls. Pissed away his career. I like him because he turned his life around and became a gentleman. He is a great story for those who believe in second chances.
269Guy Lafleur One of the all time greats. Classy and talented.
270Bill White This guy deserves some love. He worked hard and persevered. He became an excellent all star defenseman. He wasn't a fighter, but he was a class act.
271Pat Ribble Not a great fighter, but a physical player who didn't back down from anyone. Took on a lot of real beasts of the era.
272Gregg Boddy Big and strong type in the mold of Mike Bloom. He could fight.
273Marc Tardif A great player and a pretty good fighter before the Jodzio assault. He was the best player on the loaded Nordiques squad and the best on the Michigan Stags.
274Anders Hedberg Overcame bigotry as a great European pioneer.
275Borje Salming All time great defenseman. Good checker, but a poor fighter. Overcame bullying and abuse to become an important European pioneer.
276Ulf Nilsson Great European pioneer. Worked magic with Hull and Hedberg.
277Marcel Dionne One of the all time great center men. Underrated. The main cog in the Triple Crown line.
278Mike Gartner A great guy and model of consistently. Skated like the wind and was one of the all time greats.
279Bernie Federko Just a terrific human being. An underrated all time great.
280Gilles Meloche The most underrated goalie in NHL history.
281Doug Keans I really enjoyed watching him play. A solid net minder.
282Ron Harris Can't believe I actually agree with Plug Uglies and his seven aliases on this one. Harris was as tough as nails and stood up to the bullies of the NHL. Broke Bob Kelly's leg with a nice body slam.
283Mickey Redmond A shame this great player's career was cut short by injuries.
284Dale Hawerchuk A favorite of mine growing up.
285Ted Harris A very good pound for pound fighter. Fearless and backed down from no one.
286Tim Thomas An epic goaltending run for the ages. Pissed off the socialists by not going to the Obama White House. Fine by me. The hypocritical media would have been applauding him if he boycotted a conservative.
287Vaclav Nedomansky There should be some love for Big Ned.
288Claude Loiselle He's on this list just for giving Bobby Clarke a two-hander over the head.
289Garnet "Ace" Bailey RIP. Remembered for losing his life in the 9/11 attacks.
290Jerry Butler He could fight. More of a light heavy of his day. He took on anyone. Great fight card. The only guy I ever saw fight effectively from his knees.
291Jack Lynch Pretty ballsy guy. Stepped up and fought some real tough customers.
292George Pesut Stood up to a number of the best fighters of his era.
293Don McLeod Smokey was a fun personality and a tough goalie,
294George "Red" Horner A tough competitor. I love how he knocked Eddie Shore senseless after the gutless attack on Ace Bailey.
295Garry Unger Ironman. He had the record for consecutive games played for some time. He destroyed Jerry Korab and held his own with Dave Schultz. He was a consistent talented skill player. John Wensink said Unger was an underrated tough guy. People rarely bothered him.
296Bob Sweeney I enjoyed watching Sweeney play for the Bruins in the late 1980's. He had good offensive potential, but he never quite improved to the degree I thought possible. It wasn't from a lack of effort. He was a ballsy guy who took on tough customers despite not being one of the good fighters in the league. He does a lot for charity through his work with the Bruins alumni. A good guy.
297Aubrey "Dit" Clapper An all-time great two way player and tough to boot.
298Lanny McDonald A great hockey player. Love the Yosemite Sam look. He was gritty and tough.
299Al Arbour The perfect coach for the perfect dynasty team. An Islanders legend.
300Robbie Ftorek He was a high school legend in Massachusetts. One of the first really skilled American players. I remember him fondly as the Bruins coach. His teams were tough and high scoring. They played an entertaining brand of hockey.
301Tony McKegney One of the first African descent players with a prestigious career. Gritty and skilled.
302Reg Fleming Old school tough guy!
303Bob Pulford He was skilled and tough. He had the balls to send Battleship Kelly for a stint in the minors when he wanted to send a message that it was time to play more physical. I love the Battleship, but I appreciate the leadership ability to motivate a player to get the best out of him. It was the right thing to do.
304Mike Rusin A very tough minor league fighter who deserves to be remembered.
305Gilles Lupien Huge and tough. A formidable man.
306Jason Allison "You look like you're figure skating Allison." That is what my father said once when we saw him at a Bruins game. LOL. Allison was a good player who had the misfortune of being traded for Adam Oates. He performed surprisingly well before being insulted by Harry Sinden and let go. He wasn't a pushover from a physical standpoint either.
307Jim Nill A very brave soul. Stood up to anyone. Didn't win a lot of fights, but slugged it out on a regular basis with superior opposition.
308Bob Baun This was a man! A great guy with unsurpassed toughness!
309Archie Henderson Not the best heavyweight fighter, but he had the onions to take on all comers. Seemed like a good guy as well. No pushover by any means. Huge and powerful.
310Jim Pettie Seaweed was a very tough goalie. 145 PIM one year with the Dayton Gems. He gets kudos from me for pissing off that bozo Warner Wolf on a segment where he swung sticks with Garry Howatt.
311Brian Pinho This kid is very talented. He can skate and handle the puck. He has a high hockey IQ. A Providence College Friar.
312Mike Stothers Very tough customer who had an epic series of fights with Val James. Wouldn't back down and a real competitor.
313Larry Carriere He was an exciting fighter. Loved when he clocked Don Saleski.
314Jim Troy One of the elite WHA battlers.
315Bob MacMillan Good underrated player. Had the misfortune of getting badly hurt by the brutal stick work of Randy Holt.
316Gary Rissling He was a colorful and funny guy.
317Ed Kea A big rugged player who had a tragic end. Too brave for his own good. RIP
318Bob Babcock A gutsy battler who went with Tie Domi and Dave Brown over and over again. A fighting spirit.
319Garrett Gamez A good Providence Friars player whose career was cut short by a horrid injury. He was fun to watch.
320Ron Wilson The best player in the history of Providence College hockey. His number hangs in the rafters at Schneider Arena.
321Chris Terreri Almost single-handedly won the NCAA tournament in 1985 by himself. Great acrobatic goaltending brought the underdog Providence Friars to the Finals.
322Vimal Sukumaran Tough PC Friar. Throws his body a lot for a smaller guy.
323Steve Kasper Maybe the most underrated player in Bruins history. A great defensive forward. Wayne Gretzky raved about how good he was.
324Al Smith I love how he knocked the immaturity out of Jim Craig. I love tough goalies and Smith was one of the toughest.
325Michel Briere One of the great what could have been stories in NHL. A career and life cut tragically short.
326Jean Beliveau If you don't love Beliveau, you don't love the sport of hockey. A magnificent human being and great ambassador for hockey.
327Wayne Gretzky I loved watching him play. I miss the 7-4 games with five fights. The 1980's was a great era of hockey. Greatest assist man of all time. An unselfish great player.
328Jari Kurri One of the best snipers I've ever seen.
329Darcy Rota A scrappy little guy who was consistently a good player. He had a lot of heart and stuck his nose in there with some heavyweights.
330Vincent Desharnais Big defenseman has done a fine job for Providence College.
331Bill Laing Showed some onions fighting Charles Constantin three times in one season.
332Hayden Hawkey Hawkey Hockey! A fine Friars goalie.
333Eric Lindros A great hockey player and a physical force.
334Rick Dudley A solid player and tough customer.
335Alton White Brave pioneer as an early African American in professional hockey.
336Brian Glennie A good hitter and solid defenseman.
337Bob Phillips A good guy who gave it his all in a quest to hit the big time. He came up a bit short, but you have to admire his fighting spirit.
338Dennis Desrosiers Loved the game of hockey and made the best of life in the IHL.
339Al MacAdam Exciting fighter with a great fight card. He was a very tough pound for pound battler.
340Dave Fortier Tough and gritty light heavy. A rugged battler.
341Jim McCrimmon Big and formidable. A very tough customer.
342Brad Maxwell Very tough fighter and underrated player.
343Cody McLeod Commander Cody is always eager to throw down!


1St. Louis Blues 1973-1974 This was a Rogue's Gallery. The team had even more muscle in the 1973 preseason. Battleship Kelly, John Wensink, Bob Gassoff, The Plager brothers, Steve Durbano, Bernie MacNeill, Gary Gresdal, Floyd Thomson, Jack Egers, etc. One of the toughest professional hockey rosters ever assembled. The team had muscle to spare and dealt Battleship and Durbano in a blockbuster trade in early 1974.
2Phoenix Roadrunners 1975-1976 One of the toughest WHA rosters. McNamee, McLeod, Beaudoin, Dean, and Connor. This was a stacked and loaded squad. I have a series of black and white trading cards of the team. They were an intimidating group of guys.
3New York Islanders 1979-1980 I loved the Islanders as a kid. Gillies, Nystrom, and Howatt were a group of formidable fighters. They could play the game as well.
4Boston Bruins 1978-1979 This was a really tough group of Bruins fighters. Jonathan, Secord, Wensink, and O'Reilly. This was a bad squad that packed a wallop
5Boston Bruins 1985-1986 Curran and Miller on the same squad was exciting. LB played a few games as well. Nevin Markwart was a very entertaining middleweight.
6Boston Bruins 1987-1988 This was a tough group. Neely, LB, and Miller. My dad practically jumped up and down when the Bruins got Willi Plett. I will never forget watching them beat Montreal in 1988 after the 40 plus year drought. I saw the game on a small black-and-white TV in my room.
7Toledo Goaldiggers 1974-1975 Murder Inc. MacPhee, Tantardini, Mahood, Trognitz, Craig. These were some of the "Butchers" that Seals management refused to bring up to deal with bullying of teams like the Flyers.
8Quebec Nordiques 1975-1976 Perhaps the toughest squad in WHA history. Constantin, Prentice, DuBois, Fitchner, Sutherland, Roy, Gresdal, Gallant, and Brackenbury.
9Calgary Flames 1988-1989 I was so happy to see this squad win the Stanley Cup. I'll never forget the reaction of the great Lanny McDonald when he was handed the holy grail.
10Colorado Avalanche 2000-2001 I always loved Sakic and Forsberg. It was great to see Ray Bourque win a Stanley Cup.
11Atlanta Flames 1978-1979 This was a rugged squad. Big and tough for the day. Houston, Plett, Phillipoff, Kea, Marsh, Russell, etc.
12Washington Capitals 1974-1975 A hapless squad and the worst in NHL history. They had guts and became a good franchise before too long. Yvon Labre was a good leader of men.


1Feb 25, 1975 Pittsburgh-Boston My dad watched the Kelly-Nowak fight on live television. He instilled in me a love of hockey fighting. My father was very impressed with Battleship and thinks he was the best fighter of the early 1970's. This was his favorite fight of the era.
2Oct 6, 1973 Philadelphia-St. Louis The Battleship won the heavyweight championship of the NHL by soundly beating Dave Schultz twice.
3Oct 6, 1974 Cleveland-Pittsburgh (InterLeague) The Battleship beat up both Hillman brothers at the same time during the brawl. Pittsburgh hammered Cleveland so badly that the Crusaders left the ice and didn't come back.
4Apr 10, 1979 Toronto-Atlanta G1 Dave Hutchison fighting three guys at once. What a classic!
5Jan 3, 1981 Boston-Colorado Great to see Brad Park come to the aid of Jim Craig. Equally great to watch Al Smith pound Craig.
6Nov 11, 1985 Detroit-Vancouver The Probert-Coxe fight was one of the best I've ever seen. Kocur was also in a few good bouts in this game. The "Bruise Brothers" at their best.
7Mar 17, 1982 Quebec-Toronto The Jim Korn-Wally Weir fight on top of the penalty box is absolutely priceless.
8Apr 26, 1975 NY Islanders-Pittsburgh G7 Kelly and Paradise win the fights, but the Islanders pull off the amazing comeback to win the series.
9Apr 17, 1980 NY Islanders-Boston G2 An exciting night at the fights featuring some of the great fighters of the era. A coming out party for the Islanders on their way to their first Stanley Cup.
10Feb 26, 1981 Minnesota-Boston 406 penalty minutes in this game! There was a huge brawl in the hallway at the old Boston Garden. The North Stars finally got their revenge for the time John Wensink challenged the Minnesota bench. This was as exciting as it gets!
11Apr 22, 1976 Philadelphia-Toronto G6 The Tiger Williams-Jack McIlhargey fight was the best I've ever seen. It was a toe-to-toe thrilling spectacle.
12Sep 21, 1992 Chicago-Detroit The Vial-Grimson bout was an all time classic.
13May 8, 1975 NY Islanders-Philadelphia G5 Clark Gillies battered Dave Schultz and won the heavyweight title in impressive fashion. Jethro was the new sheriff in town.
14Apr 14, 1992 Buffalo-Quebec It was great to see Ray pummel the mental midget that came out to confront the Sabres bench on the ice.
15Dec 16, 1973 NY Islanders-Philadelphia Howatt beat the piss out of Schultz in this one. The Toy Tiger was the undisputed light heavyweight champ at the time.
16Jan 5, 2002 Washington-Boston The Stock-Peat fight was one of the best I have ever seen and arguably the best fight in NHL history.
17Jan 28, 1989 Winnipeg-Boston Ron Asselstine drilling the fan between the shoulder blades was classic.
18Oct 6, 1977 Boston-Philadelphia This was Armaggedon on the Ice. A classic bench-clearer that spilled over into the locker room and the runways.
19Feb 27, 1982 NY Rangers-Boston I was at this game at the old Boston Garden with my dad. He became a Rangers fan because he got pissed off at the Esposito trade. His favorite player Carol Vadnais scored and he was cheering wildly. Fans looked at him funny, but my dad is a real tough customer and no one said anything to him. I remember speedy Mike Rogers having a great game.
20Apr 11, 1972 Syracuse-Charlotte G1 (EHL) The Checkers beat the hell out of the Blazers in this priceless footage.
21Apr 12, 1974 Philadelphia-Atlanta G3 Bennett jumped Clarke right in front of Dave Schultz. "Cowboy" Bill Flett couldn't deal with the toughest steer in this rodeo.
22Dec 30, 1981 NY Islanders-NY Rangers The "Boxcar" got derailed at the Moose Jaw junction. Dentists throughout New York rejoiced at the lucrative dental work that needed to be done.
23Mar 11, 1979 Los Angeles-Philadelphia Randy Holt threw down the gauntlet. This was an all-time great bench-clearer.
24Nov 21, 2014 Boston-Columbus It was great to see Lucic get clocked after acting like an ass clown.
25Jan 10, 1998 Buffalo-San Jose I loved seeing the ref choke Barnaby until he couldn't breathe. LOL
26Mar 5, 2004 Ottawa-Philadelphia Awesome brawl-filled game. Set records that may never be broken in today's NHL.
27Apr 10, 2010 Pittsburgh-Atlanta It was great to see Kane punch Matt Cooke's lights out.
28Jan 22, 2011 Calgary-Vancouver Great to watch the worst fighter in the NHL shitcan spotpicker Bieksa.
29Apr 26, 1988 Boston-Montreal G5 I watched the game on a small black and white TV in my room. The Bruins had a drought of over 40 years where they couldn't win a playoff series against the Canadiens. It was great to see them break the curse.
30Jun 15, 2011 Boston-Vancouver G7 It was a great and unexpected treat. Shawn Thornton was a factor in the Bruins success. The team was losing when he was scratched from the lineup. Tim Thomas had a goaltending run for the ages. Luongo soiled himself in game seven. The Bruins broke a drought of close to forty years in winning the Stanley Cup.
31Jan 2, 2016 Thetford Mines-Jonquiere (LNAH) It was great so see The Animal expose McMorrow as a fraud. The mockery was a priceless treat.
32Oct 29, 1981 Pittsburgh-Philadelphia This was a sucker punching rampage. The only time you will see Wilson decked and hurt. Linseman getting drilled was priceless comedy. I also loved seeing Big Behn hammer Baxter in the aftermath. I like Behn as a fighter, but he deserved what he got for what he did to John Hilworth. There was some karma coming back to him here.
33Aug 8, 2016 Kunlun-Barys (KHL) This was unbelievable. DMR was a one man gang. The Kunlun coach pulled the team off the ice.
34Nov 20, 1986 Montreal-Boston This was pretty unforgettable for a twelve year old kid. Old time hockey. The Brawl in the Hallway.
35Jan 5, 2017 Canada-USA G1 (WJC) Holy Moly. A gold medal for up and coming Erik Foley of Providence College.
36Feb 6, 1975 NY Rangers-Philadelphia I love the Big Whistle's call, "Did Wilson ever give him a going over." Schultz was pissed at the Rangers broadcasting crew over Belting Bert's savage bloodletting of Harris. Classic stuff.
37Mar 21, 1979 Detroit-Toronto A great fight between Hilworth and Hutchison.
38Jan 7, 1984 Philadelphia-Detroit Love the sting-mongering by Loiselle on that dirt-bag Bobby Clarke.
39Feb 3, 2017 Columbus-Pittsburgh Great to see the Battleship back wearing number 22 and being honored by the Penguins.
40Jan 29, 1988 Toronto-Detroit Great to see Probie destroy Semenko in a fair fight after getting jumped the previous time around.
41Dec 3, 2001 Ottawa-Colorado Great to see the overrated Chara decked by the Sheriff.
42Oct 14, 1995 NY Rangers-Toronto Great to see Ulfie get destroyed!
43Feb 27, 1955 Montreal-NY Rangers Butch Bouchard was awesome the way he beat the living shit out of Lou Fontinato.
44Sep 21, 1975 Montreal-Philadelphia Sean Shanahan joined the established Habs in pounding the Flyers. The Canadiens didn't have to deal with bullying tactics the rest of the season. The dynasty was taking root.
45Feb 17, 1974 Philadelphia-Montreal Robinson and Bouchard laid down the law!
46May 6, 1988 Boston-New Jersey G3 I remember seeing this pretty much live as it happened. A hilarious moment.
47Feb 1, 1978 Philadelphia-Chicago I saw a glimpse of the Holy Grail.
48Jan 19, 1980 Edmonton-Pittsburgh This was a great old time brawl.
49Dec 2, 2017 Boston-Philadelphia Great to see Marchand get destroyed by the check.
50Jan 17, 2002 Ottawa-Boston This was a fun line brawl.
51Jan 27, 1976 Philadelphia-Atlanta "Houston, we have a problem!" Schultz getting his face rearranged by Kenny.
52Dec 9, 1981 Winnipeg-Toronto Wish I could have seen Mann rearrange Gibson's face.
53Dec 7, 2007 Chicago-Providence (AHL) Nice KO by MacIntyre on "Bambi Legs" Deveaux

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