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1Brett Hull Don cherry owned you on tv when you tried to say your goal was legit. By the way, when you won the cup in Det, it was a team full of Allstars. It was a big, "who cant "win so if you think about it, you never really won a legit cup Brett. Don't worry Brett I'll start a petition to have the Sabres and the Stars finish the series. Hell Its only fair for both teams. I can live buy the results, can you? Unless your content with your controversial and "who cant" cup victories. lol
2Todd Harvey  Elbow on Barnaby was F^. Harvey did show up everynight but I hate him for an obvious reason.
3Scott Nichol Scott Nichol is nothing but a joke and a sucker puncher. What goes around comes around and I got a feeling a ko loss is in his future.
4Brian Campbell 7 m is highway robbery you red-headed bum. You suck in the playoffs and you telegraph your spin move by using it about 5 times in every game you play.How many penalties cost buff/san their playoffs. Someone KO this sellout the next time he does his dorky spinmove. I hope you read this and cry yourself to sleep on your $1,000 pillow you sellout bum. 7m = sellout bum who gets no respect. Chicago is on crack paying you 7m, when your a c+ player at best. 3rd time wasn't the charm and I'm so glad you were horrible in another playoff run. LOL. That's right Campbell, forget about your first five years in Buffalo and all those nights in the press box. Your lucky your even playing in the NHL. Buffalo had so much patience with you and this is how you show loyalty. geek. You won a cup. I think I'll wet my pants.
5Donald Brashear Cocky Degenerate who thinks he's the best. Wade Belak had something to say about that. The more I watch of this guy, I'm starting to realize that he's a pretty smart fighter and Brashear does have power also. I just hate his attitude and have seen him beep his own horn too many times. As much as I dislike this guy he could make a Top ten fighters list, top twenty easy.
6Chris Drury Sold your soul to the darkside of the force Luke. What really bothers me, Is that you admitted to selling out on MSG and now your so happy with your NYR. I bet when(actually just before LOL) you sleep at night , you put on NYR pajamas and kiss your Nick Fotiu poster with such passion. Cant thank you enough Chris Neil.
7Daniel Briere we made you and this is how you repay us you little, short, overpaid loser. I hope someone pulls a page out of Brad Mays book and takes you out in the playoffs. SELLOUT!!!!!
8Alexei Zhitnik Forrest Gump had a higher IQ than this guy. 100min in Penalties without a fighting major, It was a miracle from god if his shot hit the net and he was a dirty player. Loved it when Joe T kicked his ass.
9Ken Linseman I want to break my desk after thinking about this guy.
10Daniel Alfredsson Getting away with murder.Tar and Feather is the appropriate punishment for a geek like Alfredsson.
11Wayne Gretzky Who cant score all those goals and points, when the players were in poor conditioning by smoking or drinking before games. Plus, the goalies wore almost no equipment, making them look anorexic.Put Alex O back in those days and see how many points he would get. Wayne the only reason why you said Brett Hulls goal should of counted was because your brother sucked and we had to get that bum out of Buffalo. Seriously, Alex O couldn't compare to Wayne. I'm just pissed off that Gretzky made that comment on national TV. Gretzky is the best forward to ever play the game and the second best hockey player of all time behind Bobby Orr.
12Sidney Crosby Ok the guy is good but GB please stop performing felacio on Mr. Crosby its getting a little old. I know you want to give Mr. crosby as much felacio as you can and put him in every single NHL commercial but other star players do actually exist in the NHL. Get your head out of Mr. Crosbys lap please. Think about it, Why is Garry smiling all the time?
13Ulf Samuelsson Dirty player who liked to fight Dale Hunter. I think Ulf's intensions for fighting Hunter were abnormal and I don't think Sameulsson wanted to trade punches. This scenario reminded me of white, wig#er, wannabe's, trying to get a little too close(song Stan) to Eminem. I can imagine Sameulsson trying to talk to Hunter in their fights. "Man, we should work out together in the off-season". Hunter replies, "no thanks Ulf" "Please, I wash your car and maybe more"... wink, obscene gesture,..wink.
14Darius Kasparaitis Dirty and cocky little bastard. Kasparaitis reminds me of a typical, neighborhood, smartass, that you want to beat until your arms get tired, then push him head first into a mailbox.
15Miroslav Satan Skates like he has rocks in his skates and has about as much heart as an 8 year old. Sabres would be down 7-1, Then he would score a hat trick. Never scored when we needed him to. If Satan showed any heart at all he could have easily been a point per game guy.
16Chris Gratton Ha ha, chris gratton lol.
17Jaromir Jagr Suspended for insulting his D at the(while playing for Was) all star game and when he played for NY said a couple of things that were F^. "Drury and Gomez not working out so I just play with boy from minors".Then when asked about his future with NY(while NY was in the playoffs) he said, "well its either NY or Washington or maybe KHL team". Who the F#ck in their right mind would say such things?Stay in the KHL and never come back to North America you F#cking nut job.
18Scott Gomez Sold out NJ fans to be a scummy Blue Shirt. Montreal took over for 8 million. HA HA HA
19Sean Avery Its the Sean Avery show. Heard he likes to wear purses and dress up in high heels when he goes to his modeling parties.
20Claude Lemieux Dirty hockey player. CL begged Rob Ray not to hit him, after Lemieux tried to jump Ray with Scott Stevens. A lot of people say Lemieux turtled from Darren McCarty but Can you blame him? DM hit Lemieux with an unsuspecting punch. No doubt ! Lemieux should have expected a retaliation and should have been more aware of his surroundings. I have seen(or heard) a lot of tough street fighters in Niagara Falls get hit with unsuspecting punches and the results were always bleak. A guy from my former hockey team hit UFC fighter, Rashad Evans, with a sucker punch, and knocked him COLD!. Rashad found out where my former teammate lived and beat his ass. Lemieux came back and challenged McCarty but his results were not as promising as Rashad's bay pack . Lemieux showed some balls by stepping up to McCarty but showed no guts in other(Rob Ray) occurrences. I have seen him do too many scumbag things, and that's why Lemieux makes the hate list.
21Dominik Hasek Turned down a couple of 8 year olds who were asking for autographs. No class, Non fighting geek, who was a crybaby when the dominator did not get his way.
22Ray Emery In the playoffs, I got this guy so mad he spit water at me. Nothing got on me because I was behind the glass. If the Sabres could have gotten some shots on net, we could have won the game because I had Ray off his that night. Emery is a crybaby who belongs in the KHL.
23Jesse Boulerice The guy is just too committed in his lumber swinging. I don't want to put an enforcer who shows up to fight on the hate list but I think Boulerice will continue to pull these scumbag tactics. I should cut this guy a break. I've watched more of his stuff and saw JB not hit opponents when their down. He definitely could have pounded some opposition while they were helpless but Boulerice restrained himself.
24Martin Brodeur When I met this guy, I thought he was a complete jerk. I know sometimes people have bad days but I heard the same opinion from multiple sources.
25Michal Grosek Ha ha, Michal Grosek lol.
26Curtis Brown Ha Ha, curtis brown lol.
27Billy Tibbetts My friends and I had just got done playing a floor hockey game and we decided to hang out afterwards and drink beers. My buddy said to me, "You want to see some F^ video's man". I replied, "I've got nothing else to do". He put in Kahn Tusion's violent Pornographic(1-4) series Meat Holes. After watching this madness, I am still in disbelieve that these videos are 100% legal and it takes a lot to shock me. Something about watching those DVD's made me feel dirty and I immediately wanted to take a shower. Every time I watched Billy Tibbetts(or in a fight tape) live that same feeling came over me.
28Brandon Dubinsky In the blue corner from Alaska, at 6'1 and weighing 210 pounds. This young man has a professional record of 5 w 35 l 4d and one by ko loss. Brandon "The Lamb" Dubinsky.
29Bobby Holik Has more cash than some third world countries for being a no talent Loser, who cant play the game. 9m from the Rangers is laughable.
30Derian Hatcher Ugly ogor looking scum.
31Chris Chelios Not a bad D man but Chelios was a dirty, scumbag, degenerate.
32Mike Grier Another sellout who got worked over by Paul Laus.:) Came back to Buffalo for a second time because he was out of options. Truck, Truck, Skate MR. Truck.
33Mike Wilson Waste of sperm.
34Dmitri Kalinin I actually feel bad for the Rangers for signing this bum. Its going to be a long year in New York for Ranger fans.
35Maxim Afinogenov Puck Hog! Puck Hog! Puck Hog! Puck Hog! and did I mention Puck Hog! This guy reminds me of the Texas kid from Mighty Ducks 2. The one who never passes and plays around with the puck untill it gets stolen away.
36Ales Kotalik Kotalik had a strong resemblance to the tinman in the wizard of oz because both of them were looking for a heart.Only the tinman found his in less then a week and I dont think Kotalik has started to look yet. Back to Buffalo. lol I bet you suck this year.
37Tim Connolly If a girl played in the NHL, I think she would be less injury prone compared to this P#ssy.
38Alexei Yashin Where do I start?
39Taylor Pyatt I would not trade a used puckbag for this joke of a player.
40Steve Downie The Jason Blake sucker punch was classless.
41Georges Laraque Ko Loss and hug = not the best. Montreal fans become so upset when I mention how BGL has turned into a WWE heavyweight who's started to Hug more over the years and go for takedowns. I will say this, BGL could make a top ten hockey fighters list, no doubt top 20.
42Theoren Fleury Does the chickendance, drugs, spits on bouncers, and leaves games when things are not going his way. Its a vh1 show on a degenerate.
43Kevin Stevens Crack and prostitutes are no excuse for a bad season.
44Nick Foligno Claims to play like his old man. Ha ha, what a joke.
45Patrik Stefan scoring empty net goals must be a new experience for you. lol
46Dave Andreychuk  Guys like Mike Foligno would be signing autographs for the kids after practice and this bum would sneak out the majority of the time. Class Act Dave!
47Mike Modano obviously I dont like this guy but he is tough because he took some hard hits to the head and he is still playing. Kordic Sucker Punch, Salei pushing him head first into the boards, Think about the time Mark Messier knocked him cold and when they were puting him in the ambulance the driver dropped him. Mikes been through a lot. lol
48Alex Kovalev Crybaby geek. Go Fake an injury, complain to the refs, and Change your tampon.
49Nik Antropov Call 911 because the Leafs got robbed on this bum.
50Brian Holzinger Every time we played Pitt, this bum would try and hurt a Sabre. If only he played with the same Intensity while he was here in Buffalo, Holzinger might have stayed a bit longer. LOL Oh yeah, How about showing that physical passion by clearing Brett Hull out of the crease GEEK! YOU BLEW IT!
51Erik Rasmussen Guy was in shape but I think he was playing for the pink team.
52Dixon Ward A couple of 7 year olds were asking for his autograph and he got pissed off because they did not say please. Dixon, 7 year olds. Not 13, not 11, a 7 year old. All I got to say is... "wow."
53Chris Pronger If an enforcer pulled the same type of dirty shit he would get the book thrown at him.Thats right! Chris Simon did and he got over 20 games. How many did Pronger get? Yeah, the same rules should apply to everyone GB. When asked in an interview on the NHL network if he felt remorse for any cheap shots, Pronger replied, "No.... everything happens for a reason." Really? How about your getting away with murder and I cant believe no one has knocked your scummy ass out.
54Len Barrie The Bryan McCabe sucker punch was messed up but it put some fire under McCabe's belt. Maybe we should bring LB back so McCabe can stop being such a pacifist.
55Jarkko Ruutu I know I am going to hate this guy in the 2008-2009 season.
56Ryan Hollweg He should be saying,"WELCOME TO BURGER SHACK, MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER".
57Christian Ruuttu Dirty scum.
58Landon Wilson what a punching bag. Maybe I should put him on the love list.
59Cory Cross Ugly goof who played for the pink team.
60Francois Leroux Hate him for the hit on PL.
61Rene Corbet He was mad tough.lol How did Corbet make the NHL? Seriously, someone provide a logical explanation please.
62Nick Fotiu Was Nicky a Spot Picker? Was Nicky feared like some NHL Enforcers claim? Did people avoid fighting Nicky? Its all subject to debate and me hating the Rangers, I couldn't love the controversy more. Iv'e seen a lot of Nicky's fights and by no means is he a top ten guy. Nicky fans can say what they want but I'm going by [ALL TIME RANKINGS] AND THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL NICKY MAKES TOP TEN OF ALL TIME.
63Tyson Nash This guy was just too tough for the NHL. Louie Louie wanted to go, then Tyson Nash yelled LORD NO!
64Todd Bertuzzi This guy has a history of punching from behind. Steve Moore is the obvious victim but a lot of people don't know about the Scott Parker incident. Bertuzzi is a spot picking bum and a pu&%y cheap shot artist.
65Peter Schaefer I know you were just following orders solider but you really screwed us hard. LOL
66Kevin Lowe 7 mill up your a@s. If I was fluent in Ebonics(in reference to Tomas Vanek)I would call you a player hating D#$k head. Billy Guerin is my hero.
67Igor Ulanov Dirty scum. I enjoy watching footage of Ulanov loosing fights.
68Zdeno Chara I hate him for destroying the development of a young Buffalo Sabre. Only true Sabre fans know who I am talking about.
69Rob Blake Never liked him. You would think after making 80 million dollars throughout his career Blake would have at least one respectable fight on his card or maybe even a decent +-. A little overrated for the money he received.
70Steve McKenna 6 foot whatever bum. His career was a joke and I cant believe he lasted as long as he did. Anyone and I mean Anyone could have played a better enforcer role than SM. The teams McKenna played on could have suited up factory workers or gave a homeless man his enforcing job and I think we would have witnessed more exciting fights. Hell, a one armed blind man would probably be more entertaining than this bum. Steve McKenna is solid proof that any imposter can temporarily hold an enforcing job in the NHL and just be a latent pacifist in reality.
71Johan Franzen Geek. Concussion problems this early in his career is not a good sign.
72Peter Forsberg 911 when he is on the ice. Don't get me wrong this guy is a very(when he's not injured) good player when he actually plays. Maybe 2002-2003 should have been PF"s last season and retired afterwards. Since 2003-2004 about 35 million in NHL cash totals. What did he do to deserve such money? Nothing. PF is just scamming loot and I'm shocked that the Rangers are taking a look at this guy to fill in for the 2009-2010 season. Come On the Rangers? The Blue Shirts need to stop surprising me.
73Darcy Regier Love/ Hate with this guy. DR has made some good moves over the years. Michal Grosek for J.P. Dumont and Doug Gilmore. LOL. Mike Wilson for Rhett Warrener. Chris Gratton for Daniel Briere. Regier Should of tried to sign DB and Chris Drury to one more year so at least we could of traded them like BC. I cant blame him for losing 3 degenerate, money hungry, sellouts. I blame him for not getting anything in return for CD and DB. Regier does need to make some adjustments and team toughness is an addressing issue. The Sabres are too soft and that's another reason why he makes my hate list.
74Derek Sanderson Used to get drunk, then play hockey. lol NoT joking, he was shitfaced all the time while he played for the Rangers.
75Doug Weight Cocky degenerate. Jason who? F$%k you Weight. We were down four of our defensemen and still almost beat you in a game seven. You were playing are defense from Rochester and your happy with a cup(Edmonton was not as good as Buffalo)victory. Lots of F#$king Laughs.
76Marty McSorley I don't hate McSorley for the Brashear "hit" but It was definitely F^. Really, I don't even dislike McSorley. I hate the fact that he protected Wayne "THE GEEK" Gretzky for so long. Still makes a top ten list though.
77Kevin Collins A night in the life of KC. Ref a hockey game and stop a heavyweight bout from taking place. During intermission, masturbate about the fight that was stopped prematurely, then call the Blue Oyster bar for dinner reservations. The game ends, then KC dresses up in a leotard with big aspirations about his dinner date.
78Ray Bourque One of the Best d Men ever but Bourque leaving Boston was like Bush JR(bleak outcome) becoming president. Bourque helped open up the floodgates for disgruntled hockey players, who wanted a chance to win a Stanley cup and were willing to sellout their clubs/fans.
79Alexandre Daigle I honestly think I could have been a better player in the NHL than this bum. $13 million in NHL totals lol.
80Tomas Holmstrom This guy loves to talk sh#t when the refs are around but rarely fights. Holmstrom reminds me of a typical black thug, who talks hard but tries to avoid fighting.
81Kris Draper The Pittsburgh poster boy didn't line up right away. Cry me a river while I play the violin for you . You've only won multiple Stanley Cups you F#cking Geek. Fans from Western New York have more to complain about than a crybaby like yourself. Oh So Sad, You didn't win another Cup. Try losing 4 Super Bowls, Cheated out of a Stanley Cup final, Infamous puck(Philadelphia series) through the net, Joe Mesi forced to retire because of bleeding on the brain, and your bitter. HA, Ha, Ha, Just wait till next season. You can score a bunch of goals in practice on the Red Wings(not joking showed him on the NHL network) net minders and yell like you won the Olympics.
82Marian Hossa Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, where will you sign next year? KHL 09-10? I'm sorry the Blackhawk's. LOL. NOTE TO ALL NHL STARS. Become a Playoff choke artist and the Hawks will give you a lengthy, Laughable contract. So You won a cup, I think I'll wet myself.
83Dave Snuggerud His last name freaks me out. Nice guy but lacked talent.
84Slava Kozlov KHL GEEK! Should have stayed there.
85Jeff Beukeboom Karma is a bitch. Said in an interview which aired on MSG "I think Matt Johnson would take back the sucker punch if he could." Oh yeah, what about you hitting Jeff Odgers in the back of the head when he was in a vulnerable position? A little hypocritical there Jeff.
86Marek Zagrapan How about taking some responsibility for yourself and stop blaming others. You've had two s%ity seasons in the minors and you want to blame Buffalo for not givin you a shot. O.K. KHL NERD.
87Henrik Zetterberg No penalty shot! Come on! I covered up the puck in house hockey back in the days and the other team was awarded a penalty shot. Does Zetter--nerd get a free pass or something?
88Jim Cummins Went toe-to-toe and showed heart throughout his career, But Jimmy Boy is above doing interviews about his fighting days. Hell, he said he would do an interview then backed out at the last minute. In my book It's In the same category as a high school chick who teases a guy and plays with his head by denying him on prom night. Hope you never, ever, broadcast again and I'll be sure to have the suave(only when he gets TKOed or hurt) and bounty out when I watch your fights.
89Chris Dingman [Mickey from Rocky.] "Who'd you fight last night Rock?"[Rocky] "Chris Digman." [Mickey].. Laugh, "he's a bum." Seriously, I think I could have been a better enforcer than this gentle wimp.
90Steve Durbano I personal think that Durbano would rather be on the Hate list than the love. Since he played the villan role on the ice and later on after hockey, I think Its only fair to put Durbano on the hate list. I bet Steve would have wanted It that way. RIP.
91Adam Mair STEP IT UP OR YOUR GOING ON MY HATE LIST. YOU HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF, ENJOY WAIVERS AND GET READY FOR A MINIMUM WAGE JOB! "Step It up or your going on my hate list" You just did Mair. I had patience with you, which I give to all hockey players, but you F*&king suck. Your overall points are a joke, you never reached your potential In the fighting department, and your basically an overall disappointment. Some good fights here and there but too inconsistent. It's a dam shame because Mair could have been a decent player, but he just didn't have the heart. Get ready for the AHL next year.
92Paul Gaustad This guy was supposed to be the next Mike Foligno on steroids. Gaustad is taller and weighs more than Foligno, but plays about the same size as Mike. Gaustad's skill level is a joke and he doesn't fight the heavyweights with consistency. He fought more in the minors. Goose AKA "The Chick" is an overall joke. The only reason he has a job in Buffalo is because he's winning face-offs. Hey, didn't we keep Alex Kotalik around just for the shootout. Lol. "The Chick" is another one trick pony. I gave this giant geek plenty of chances, but Gaustad is content with being a bitch. Maybe If you put up better stats you wouldn't have to deal with this eh "Chick" I'm sorry, I mean.. Goose lol. I think your nickname should be called owl, with those big ass eyes that run in your family. lol
93Craig Rivet I'm sorry, but I want to see more out of a guy who's 6' 2/ 210 pounds,Who I know has a mean streak. Not bad defensive stats throughout Rivet's career, but he's a total disappointment in the fighting department. Overall, Rivet hasn't done enough to earn the C in Buffalo. Lets get serious here Rivet. STOP F%^King around! The sad part is, Rivet has the potential to be a way better(points wise) hockey player and also drop the mitts with bigger guys.I guess Rivet is content with a Mediocre/ average hockey career. At this point in time, It looks like Buffalo is going to get ripped off, at 10.5 million for 3 years. Earn your keep.
94Steve Webb He should be on my love list because I enjoyed Ray kicking some ass.
95Jamal Mayers wrestle mania
96Thomas Vanek over 26 million dollars already and hes not even a point per game player.
97Richard Smehlik nothing good to say about this bum.
98Jean-Francois St. Laurent Don't bother fighting.
99Mike Weber Don't even bother dropping the gauntlets.
100Matt Cooke Matt Cooke never learns so he made this happen.


1New York Rangers 2007-2008 Hit that ATM Gomez, and Drury.
2New York Rangers 2002-2003 Holik's salary is a joke. The Rangers have the worst players money can buy.
3Buffalo Sabres 2007-2008 Bums
4Detroit Red Wings 2001-2002 Bring in Lucky Luc, Brett the Liar, Dominik the Geek. What do you got? A "Who Fu%king Cant" cup victory.
5Ottawa Senators 1998-1999 Except for Chris Murray.
6Dallas Stars 1998-1999 <---------------- Nostradamus predicting things? Owned Buffalo? LMAO. A controversial ending in a game six is really owning a team. Buffalo had Peca, Dominick the geek, and a bunch of average/ mediocre players that year. Buffalo could have scored and sent the series to a game seven. Dallas should be ashamed because they clearly had trouble with a average/mediocre team, with great goaltending. I hate saying great goaltending because Hasek is a bigger geek than Bill Gates, Screech, and urkel combined.
7Carolina Hurricanes 2005-2006 I would be proud with beating a bunch of defensemen from Rochester in game seven. Edmonton was no contest compared to a healthy Buffalo. If we were 100% healthy we would of smoked Carolina. Oh, Yeah, When tickets went on sale Buffalo sold out(all) their games in less than 10 minutes. I went on the Hurricanes website 3 days later and I could of purchased 8 tickets in a row. Talk about committed fans who deserve a cup.
8Ottawa Senators 2006-2007 Geeks except for BM, and CN.
9Philadelphia Flyers 1974-1975 I don't hate this team, I hate the fact we lost another one.
10New York Rangers 1993-1994 I think Edmonton is responsible for breaking the curse. LOL Think about it. Did the Rangers win the cup? The NHL should write on the SC Edmonton/New York 93-94. LMAO.


1Jun 19, 1999 Dallas-Buffalo G6 In my Opinion this game never ended and Dallas never won the cup.
2Jan 30, 2009 Bridgeport-Hartford (AHL) I cant explain how F^ this night was.
3Jan 10, 2009 Springfield-Portland (AHL) The fans at this game were just too classy. Some hillbilly letting his(better than the fight in the game) twin sons fight and one of them almost goes over the railing. Mike Weber was signing autographs at intermission and some kid found a signed poster on the ground. The little rug-rat said "I found this daddy", Dad replied, "Finders Keepers losers weepers boy". He had about two teeth in his whole mouth and I could vision him going to get some Black Velvet after the game. At the end of the game the Pirates scored a goal and this gave everyone in attendance The opportunity for free, French fries. It was the loudest cheer throughout the night and trust me, a lot of glutens went home happy.
4Nov 27, 1995 Buffalo-St. Louis Ray gets owned by Twist. :(
5Jun 19, 2006 Edmonton-Carolina G7 Buffalo was the real Stanley cup winner.
6Apr 26, 2011 Buffalo-Philadelphia G7 one team showed up here and It sure wasn't Buffalo.

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