TrasherFan1 Hate List


1Blue Bennefield He is the BIGGEST PUSSY in the entire UHL. This fucking piece of shit is a waste of human evolution. I seriously hope that this mans life comes to an abrupt end. I think I would smile at his funeral if I were to go. Better yet i would probably laugh.
2Donald Brashear Brash is the biggest joke in all of hockey. He hold on like a little girl and then throws a few lefts to get the take-down. I am happy with what McSorley did to him, just wish he did it harder!
3Darius Kasparaitis OK, this guy is just a real piece of shit. I have no problem when someone acts tough and still answers the bell, but this mother fucker is a waste of time and space. He is a cheap shot artist and I would LOVE to see someone end his pathetic career.
4Sean Avery Please die.
5Matthew Barnaby A little annoying bitch. I hate how he holds on for dear life and then does not want the linesmen to come in and save his ass. Fucking pussy, go cry in the box again faggot.
6Tie Domi Domi is a joke. Short little shit who gets guys into a spin to get the takedown. He is too short to go toe to toe with someone. Probert put that little shit back in his place. He should reitre after getting beat by LaCoture this season. Pathetic.
7Mike Ribeiro The little shit is a fucking pussy. He should be out of the league for that act that he put on during the playoffs. Someone should butt end that little bitch in his throat and really give him something to cry about. See if he can laugh then!
8Todd Simpson Such a bitch fighter. Hope you enjoy hitting the back of guys heads.
9Zdeno Chara Wow this guy looks like a fucking retard. His is 6'9" and goes after fucking Brian Gionta. Ohhhh real tough right there.
10Sidney Crosby Whatever people say about this kid is irrevelant. Here is the honest truth. He is a little bitch who needs to just shut the fuck up. You are a rookie in the league and if this was the old NHL you would be in the IR for your yapping. Someone should put you in your fucking place. Not taking any skill away from the kid, but the attitude needs to change. P.S. How are your teeth after meeting Hatcher's stick?
11Dion Phaneuf Just another bitch defensemen who is hiding behind a visor. I can't stand that shit. And when you do fight take off your helmet.
12Jarkko Ruutu I really cannot stand this guy. I don't know why other players have not tried to slewfoot him and break his legs. How he is in the NHL is beyond me. I wish he would take a permanent dirt nap. Make everyone else happy.
13Georges Laraque Never really liked how he fights. Picks his spots and does not accept all comers. He thinks because he can score an occational goal he does have to fight.
14Josh Elzinga HEY COCKSUCKER! you little fucking piece of shit, I hope someone fucking kills you bitch. I hope you try to slewfoot someone else mother fucker and i hope he steps of your throat!

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