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1Brendan Shanahan It is an absolute disgrace to see Shanahan ruining what was a great hockey career, by destroying the game with constant suspensions and fines for what are legal hits and or minor penalties that are unworthy of penalties, and in most cases any review at all. Shanahan has taken it upon himself to remove any contact from the game it seems....get lost Shanahan, you are a worthless tool, you no longer have any redeeming hockey qualities at all, you are just a stupid worthless aging bitter delusional pile pf hockey gunk
2Sean Avery Nothing irritates me worse, than when an actor, musician, athlete, feels the need to provide political commentary. Regardless of where any of the above stand on any issue, it really bugs me. Today, Avery crossed that line. I don't care what he thinks about political issues, I watch hockey and listen to music and watch movies, to get away from that crap which permeates the airwaves. Now every time he steps on the ice, we will have to listen to an announcer talk about Avery's controversial statements, rather than his scrappy play.
3Ulf Samuelsson Shield wearing, stick swinging, knee bashing, pile of human eurotrash. A total disgrace to hockey on any level in any country. Steve Durbano had more respect for his opponents than this piece of garbage. I consider Domi's sucker punch to be one of the finest moments in NHL history, in fact, I think I'll call it up and watch it again, and again, and again
4Dave Semenko 250 pounds of stupid. He was like a piece of farm machinery stuck in 1 st gear. His arms and legs were put together like a bunch of cinder blocks held together by rusty hinges. He swung his arms like they were held back by bags of sand. He was dumb. He had the mobility of a practice pylon, and most days the pylon could win. No hockey sense at all, just a big piece of meat. At this time of his life, he is probably employed as a tunnel support beam
5Bob Probert Drunken head butting drug addict, deserves no respect from anyone, didn't fight any better than any other heavy weight, most of his punches missed his opponents and didn't do the damage he's given credit for.
6Steve Durbano Someone should have run this guy through with a stick till it came out the other side, then kicked the crap out of him with skates on, then pounced up and down on him with their knees. Then see if he wanted to square off
7Barry Beck Sucker punching rodeo clown
8Link Gaetz Completely useless to the game of hockey, no redeeming hockey qualities at all.
9Darren Miciak Couldn't stand up on skates to save his life, let alone fight. Saw this clown attempt to fight several times, fell down after trying to throw 2 punches each time, practically needed to hold onto the boards anytime he was on the ice for a shift, he was lucky if he could skate from one side of the ice to the other without falling down. Had the stability of a 1 year old trying to walk
10Jon "Nasty" Mirasty I stand second to none in my enjoyment of a good scrap, however, Mirasty has no other purpose in the game. His fights are rarely the result of game play, usually they are preconceived. He comes out on the ice, has his little scrap, then you never see him again. I would much rather see an enforcer, come on the ice and enforce. This guy is just a side show
11Dave Schultz Fighter, yes, great fighter, no
12Claude Lemieux Riff Raff on skates
13Wayne Gretzky Lost all respect for him the night he acted like he was killed when Billy Smith waved his stick at him, barely touched him, no penalty is going to be called, then "The Great One" throws himself down onto the ice like he was hit by a truck, and the idiotic ref calls a penalty. Big cry baby
14Jamie Huscroft Only way he could win a fight was by trying to trip his opponent during the fight, couldn't stand him, dirty crap head
15John Badduke They don't come any more useless
16Tony Twist See comments on Link Gaetz
17Jimmy Mann I have no idea what Mann's purpose ever was, he stunk on ice, instead of fighting fair, he sucker punched. It would have been interesting to see him fight Barry "Sucker punching rodeo clown" Beck, it would have been a sucker punch fest, Or maybe Steve "Run em through with my stick and maybe throw ice cubes at them from the penalty box" Durbano, That might have been entertaining to see these two break every known hockey rule for 60 minutes instead of the lousy attempts at playing the game
18Chris McAllister 6' 7" of pink pillow covers, probably wears perfume
19Dominik Hasek This guy cried and went out for months every time he stubbed his toe on the goalpost, biggest crybaby powder puff in the league
20Colin Campbell Two faced liar, no loyalty to team mates at all
21Matt Cooke They don't come any more dirty
22Michael Peca Elbow anyone? Maybe three or four? Oh sorry, I broke your jaw
23Manon Rheaume Gimme a break, You made your little statement, Now get lost
24Erin Whitten Seriously? Yes were all impressed that a girl can play hockey...Now get off the ice
25Jody Hull A more boring and dull hockey player I cannot think of. Jody skated every shift like he was on holiday in the Virgin Islands. Up and down the ice he went.....and nothing at all ever happened
26Jody Gage Everything about this guy's face said Punch Me
27Libor Polasek A more non aggressive, and useless player you cannot find. His career should have ended two games into his first junior season. He was probably the most ineffective hockey player I have ever seen. The Firemans recreational league players would have been more effective. The whole crowd used to moan every time he stepped on the ice. he sucked sucked sucked sucked SUCKED!...He sucked.
28Petr Vlk 3 consonants don't spell anything
29Matthew Barnaby Barna............BAAAABBBBBYYYYYYYY!!!!!!
30Kevin Todd In his Utica days, Todd always managed to lie on the ice for a few seconds whenever he was hit in to the boards expecting a penalty to be called. Many times this resulted in opponents getting odd man breaks because he would wind up out of position, all the while whining to the ref for the rest of his shift. My favorite moment in Todd history involves Jamie Huscroft, another player I never cared for. During warmups, Huscroft skated by Todd, and ran in to him, knocking him over, it was hardly a body check, but Todd laid on the ice as if he had been hit by a truck, he gets up and starts whining to his teammates around him, Huscroft skates off smiling
31Jarkko Ruutu Euro trash....needs to have the Tie Domi treatment
32Dennis Polonich Hockey is a tough sport, if you play it, you run the risk of injury....Polonich, never understood this, instead of dealing with a dirty play from an opponent on the ice, he chose the courtroom. From then on, he got no respect from other players, coaches, and the like..He gets none from me either
33Jim Nill Some people aren't cut out for what they do, Jim Nill wasn't cut out for fact, he wasn't any good at hockey, he was good enough to be a AHL regular, and an NHL 4th liner, he couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag...How many fights did he win or even show up for?....Nill
34Wayne Van Dorp What a dope
35Mark Wotton I just don't like him...he is about as inspirational as the comic strip "Nancy"
36Mark Deazeley I was in the mood for finding a player to put on my hate list...This minor league goof wins tonight
37Peter Fiorentino Dirty fighter...waits till the end of a game and skates the length of the ice to fight a guy when he had no idea he's coming at him...minor league goon with no future
38Randy Cunneyworth 
39Jonas Junkka Contributed nothing during his stay...JUNKka


1Hartford Whalers 1995-1996 These guy's sucked like a vacuum cleaner
2Binghamton Whalers 1988-1989 I saw most of the home games, we didn't have a team here in Syracuse then, so we would travel to Bingo and Rochester and Utica through these years. The games this team played had all the excitement of Curling, only it was less physical. They played every game as if the were playing on slush, I don't ever remember a night when the crowd actually cheered for anything. The were Failures. Ugly green uniforms. Doug Mckenzie was the coach, I still find myself to this day, wanting to fire him from a job he no longer holds. Practice pylons would have been more interesting to watch than this team. They stunk worse than a cart load of stinking rotting fish heads
3Syracuse Hornets 1980-1981 You would have had to see them to appreciate how bad it was
4Syracuse Firebirds 1979-1980 Triple A affiliate for Quebec and Pittsburgh, not much to see

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