mi44 Top 10 List


1Bob Probert 
2Tie Domi 
3Steve Bosse 
4Joey Kocur 
5P.J. Stock 
6Tony Twist 
7Eric Cairns 
8Behn Wilson 
9Dave Brown 
10Clark Gillies 

Skilled Players

1Henrik Zetterberg 
2Pavel Datsyuk 
3Alex Ovechkin 
4Gordie Howe 
5Mario Lemieux 


1Scott Stevens 

Toe-to-Toe Fighters

1Jon "Nasty" Mirasty Seems to go t2t with anyone, one of the best t2t fighters ive seen
2P.J. Stock 
3Darin Kimble 
4Tie Domi 
5Ryan VandenBussche 

Hardest Punchers

1Bob Probert 
2Joey Kocur This guy is my #1 hardest puncher, just watch some of his KOs
3Steve Bosse Guy throws frickin BOMBS
4Tony Twist 
5Eric Cairns 
6Colton Orr 
7Wendel Clark He had a bunch of TKO's in his time
8Dave Brown 
9Ryan VandenBussche 
10Derek Boogaard 

Best Chins

1Jon "Nasty" Mirasty 
2Tie Domi 

Toughest Players

1Bob Probert 
2Aaron Downey Not the best fighter, but one of my favorites. He is one of the toughest ive seen
3P.J. Stock 
4Tony Twist 
5Eric Cairns 
6Stu Grimson 
7Link Gaetz 
8Steve Bosse 
9Donald Brashear 
10Ryan VandenBussche 

Punching Bags

1Joel Rechlicz I like him, but he doesnt seem to be a real good fighter
2Claude Lemieux 
3Brandon Dubinsky Got to be the one of the worst fighters in the NHL right now
4Steve Leach Probably the worst fighter ever
5Tom Kostopoulos 
6Jim Cummins Got TKO'd all the frickin time
7Steve Webb 
8Riley Cote Didnt win a lot but had some awesome scraps and could take a beating

Wildest Goons

1Eric Cairns Watched the brawl when he was in England, love this guy
2Andy Bezeau Craziest player ive ever had the privilege of actually watching live
3Donald Brashear The clip of him beating the snot out of a knocked out player in the LNAH gets him on my wildest goons list for me, and he's done some other stuff before too
4Chris Simon 
5Link Gaetz 
6Steve Durbano Never knew what this guy would do, started a lot of fights and big brawls
7Darcy Verot 
8Jason Rushton 

Cheap Shot Artists

1Chris Simon 
2Chris Pronger 
3Claude Lemieux 
4Marty McSorley 
5Steve Downie 

Dirtiest Players

1Sean Avery Just a faggot that i would beat the shit out of
2Chris Pronger One of the dirtiest guys out there, but I don't mind him as much anymore
3Claude Lemieux 
4Steve Downie Chickenshit with a visor


1Mar 3, 2000 Kyle Freadrich (Tampa Bay) vs. Ryan VandenBussche (Chicago) 
2Jan 5, 2002 Stephen Peat (Washington) vs. P.J. Stock (Boston) This is probably number 1 for me
3Nov 11, 1985 Bob Probert (Detroit) vs. Craig Coxe (Vancouver) 
4Mar 26, 1997 Patrick Roy (Colorado) vs. Mike Vernon (Detroit) Probably my favorite goalie fight ever, this one was very memorable.
5Dec 19, 2008 Jon "Nasty" Mirasty (Syracuse) vs. Jeremy Yablonski (Binghamton) Toe 2 Toe bombfest!!! Fight of 08-09, and one of the best ever for sure
6Oct 6, 2000 Mel Angelstad (Manitoba) vs. Darcy Hordichuk (Orlando) 
7Nov 19, 1987 Craig Coxe (Vancouver) vs. Bob Probert (Detroit) 
8Mar 13, 1999 Trevor Senn (Richmond) vs. Ken Tasker (Toledo) 
9Jan 26, 2007 Steve Bosse (St-Jean) vs. Jon "Nasty" Mirasty (Sorel-Tracy) 
10Dec 2, 1992 Bob Probert (Detroit) vs. Tie Domi (NY Rangers) This list isn't in any particular order, but this one is top 3

Cheap Shots

1Apr 28, 1993 (Cheap) Dale Hunter (Washington) vs. Pierre Turgeon (NY Islanders) One of the most infamous cheap shots for me, ill always remember this one and wonder why the hell Hunter did it

Funniest Events

1Apr 1, 2000 Rob Trumbley (Ayr) vs. Andy Bezeau (London) Bezeau takes like 3 or 4 of the Ayr Scottish Eagles, guy was a frickin psycho, i just thought this was hilarious.
2Apr 11, 2009 Port Huron-Flint Crowd Trouble Happened a section away from where I was, it was hilarious and I'll never forget it for some reason
3Mar 26, 1997 Claude Lemieux (Colorado) vs. Darren McCarty (Detroit) TURTLE!!!!!
4Feb 21, 1979 St. Louis-NY Rangers Abuse Durbano moons the crowd!!!

Skilled Teams

1Detroit Red Wings 2008-2009 I hated watching them, but it was one of the most skilled teams ive ever seen. Not fun to watch for me, but they were unbelievably talented

Most Violent Games

1Jan 15, 1998 Vancouver-Buffalo 
2Jan 9, 2010 Avangard-Vityaz (KHL) It ended after four minutes. There were 24 events. That is frickin awesome
3Feb 11, 2011 Pittsburgh-NY Islanders 

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