Here is some reasons...
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Jul 23, 2007 17:49 ET
Here is some reasons why the NHL is getting boring...

The playoffs use to be played by division... Teams like Montreal, Quebec, Buffalo, Boston, Chicago, Minnesota, Rangers, Islanders use to meet 8 times a year plus they was almost sure to play against each other in playoffs... Rivalries starts in playoffs... Remember Colorado-Detroit... That was great hockey...

Look at vintage games... Look how the goalie looks in his net comparing to today... No way the scorers can scores as many goals as it use to be in theses conditions... Since it's not a good idea to reduce goalies equipment to what it was 20-30 years ago for good reasons (harder shots today, security reasons), the best way is to make goals bigger... There is NO OTHER WAY to bring back good old high scoring games, and 50 goals scorers, and 100 points guys...
Jul 28, 2007 14:47 ET
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I think the rivalries will start picking up soon. One that is prime to really take off would be my San Jose Sharks and the Nashville Predators. Two consecutive meetings in the quarterfinals with the Predators leaving. This last series saw three cheap shots against the Sharks and some bad blood happen. I'm looking forward to the meetings between these guys next year. Ottawa Senators and Buffalo Sabres games were really revving up. And I'm sure the New York Rangers are looking forward to the next time Chris Simon and the New York Islanders come to play. Rivalries are great and we need more of them. The New NHL had the right idea of getting rivalries started with more divisional games but more has to come to bring back that reckless, wild, action of the old rivalries.
Very good point....should be interesting.