Dec 12, 1933
Toronto - Boston4-1

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1  N/A  Injury    
2  N/A  Cheap Shot  Bailey-Shore
3  N/A  Fight  Horner-Shore

Injury at N/A
Toronto PlayersBoston Players
Duration N/A  Ace Bailey     Eddie Shore   
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: N/A
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Oct 1, 2007 17:17 ET
Eddie Shore was tripped by King Clancy. Mistaking Ace Bailey for his teammate Clancy, Shore delivered a vicious check from behind. Bailey did a somersault and landed head first on the ice. He fractured his skull and his legs twitched uncontrollably as he lay on the ice. Bailey hovered near death for ten days. A Boston newspaper actually printed his death notice. Bailey's father threatened to kill Shore and had a loaded gun when he was disarmed by the police.
Bailey survived, but his hockey career was over.
Mar 3, 2008 05:44 ET
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Boston Bruins defenceman Eddie Shore was considered one of the roughest players of his era. On Dec. 12, 1933, in a game versus the Leafs, Toronto's King Clancy stood up Shore at the blue line as he was rushing up the ice with the puck. No penalty was called.

An irate Shore exacted revenge by slamming into Leaf winger Ace Bailey with a vicious hit from behind, sending the future Hall of Famer crashing headlong into the ice.

Bailey suffered a fractured skull - onlookers said it sounded like a watermelon hitting pavement - and never played again. A benefit game held the next year in his honour morphed into what is now the NHL All-Star Game.
Mar 22, 2008 16:14 ET
Shore was suspended 16 games.Reply
Dec 30, 2008 00:38 ET
"It happened on December 12, 1933, in Toronto, when Shore's Boston Bruins were in town to face the Maple Leafs. Shore was rushing the puck up the ice and was thumped at the blue line by Toronto's King Clancy. When no penalty was called, an irate Shore exacted revenge by plowing into Leaf winger Ace Baily with a vicious hit from behind. Bailey, a future Hall of Famer known for his speed and stickhandling, was sent crashing headfirst onto the ice, where he suffered a severely fractured skull at both temples.
Bailey fell into a coma and for more than two weeks his life hung in the balance. Two brain surgeries later, recovered-only to learn that he would never play again."
-from the Ross Bernstein book, The Code.

Cheap Shot at N/A
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Duration N/A
 Ace Bailey  (Victim) 5'10'' 1160lb 34N/A
 Eddie Shore  (Aggressor) 5'11'' 1194lb 34
Eddie Shore suspended for 16 games

Fight at N/A
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 George "Red" Horner 6'1'' 2190lb 4N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Eddie Shore 5'11'' 2194lb 4N/AN/AN/A
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Jan 20, 2013 15:47 ET
After the Shore cheap shot on Ace Bailey, Bailey's defense partner Red Horner skated up to Shore and told him that he couldn't get away with that and Horner proceeded to, in his own words, "punch his lights out".
"That was some kind of scene" said Horner. "Ace unconscious at one end of the ice, and Shore out cold at the other end. "

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