Feb 13, 2010
Boston - Florida3-2 SO 

Fight at 35:06
Duration 0:17ThrownLanded   Big   
 Adam McQuaid 6'4'' 1212lb 31772N/A
 Victor Oreskovich 6'3'' 1215lb 31170
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Feb 13, 2010 18:22 ET
Adam McQuaid narrow win Fun 
Victor Oreskovich comes in with a high, somewhat late, check on Adam McQuaid. McQuaid shoves Oreskovich in retaliation and then drops a glove and grabs on. Oreskovich drops the gloves and grabs on as McQuaid drops his other glove. Oreskovich misses an overhand right and McQuaid then misses two right uppercuts. As the second one is thrown by McQuaid, Oreskovich misses another right. Then Oreskovich misses a third right just as McQuaid connects on a right jab. McQuaid again lands a right while Oreskovich also lands a right jab and then for a third time in a row, McQuaid connects with a right as Oreskovich misses a right. Oreskovich then misses an over the top right as McQuaid misses a right from underneath before missing an overhand right. They pause and Oreskovich misses a right jab. McQuaid throws three rights, connects on two before Oreskovich lands an over the top right. McQuaid misses a right hook and then misses a right from underneath as Oreskovich misses a right. McQuaid then misses two rights and Oreskovich lands a right jab that causes him to lose his balance. Then McQuaid misses a right hook as Oreskovich goes down to his knees. McQuaid misses an overhand right and the linesmen then come in and break it up. Alright scrap, both swinging punches out but not many landed. McQuaid did connect more than Oreskovich to get the nod.
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Jan 17, 2016 16:14 ET
Adam McQuaid narrow win Fun 
McQuaid and Oreskovich decided to go after Victor checked Adam along the boards. The beginning of the contest can be seen on the replay of the NESN feed. Oreskovich missed two blows and landed an average shot. He missed a punch and landed an average blow. McQuaid landed a body blow and missed a couple of shots. He landed a decent blow, missed a punch, and landed an average connect.

Victor landed a couple of average blows. Adam missed a punch and landed an average blow. He landed a pretty good right. He missed a punch and landed a solid blow. He landed an average punch and a pretty good shot. Oreskovich landed a partial connect, a decent shot, and an average blow. Victor slipped to the ice. McQuaid missed a blow and landed an average shot.

I rate this as a narrow win for McQuaid. Both men landed several effective punches. Adam landed with better overall pop.
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Feb 15, 2010 01:35 ET
Adam McQuaid narrow win Fun 
Nice tilt with some toe to toe action at the start. McQuaid was more active and landed more, but Oreskovich did well, narrow win McQuaid.
Feb 13, 2010 18:22 ET
The fight.

Feb 14, 2010 00:55 ET

Feb 14, 2010 15:01 ET

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