Apr 30, 1982
Final,  Game 4
Regina - Portland3-5

Summary Of Events
1  7:13  Fight  Crawford-Turnbull
2  24:31  Fight  Markwart-Kromm
3  60:00  Bench-Clearing Brawl    
4  60:00  Fight  Derkatch-Geale

Fight at 7:13
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Jeff Crawford 6'5'' 5221lb 42N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Randy Turnbull 6'0'' 5179lb 42N/AN/AN/A
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Fight at 24:31
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Nevin Markwart 5'11''  175lb 5N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Richard Kromm 5'11''  180lb 5N/AN/AN/A
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Bench-Clearing Brawl at 60:00
Regina PlayersPortland Players
Duration N/A  Garth Butcher  Jock Callander  Dale Derkatch  Nevin Markwart  Brent Pascal  Wally Schreiber     Kelly Hubbard  Doug Saunders   
# Players Involved: N/A
Blood: N/A
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Nov 19, 2009 02:56 ET
Another day, another brawl in a Pats game.

According to the Regina Leader-Post:

Last night's game was marred by a bench-clearing incident at the end of the proceedings.
Pats' Dale Derkatch and Winter Hawks' Bob Geale started fighting as the buzzer sounded. That prompted the entire Regina bench to empty while the Portland players remained on their bench.
Eventually, the rest of the Winter Hawks came out when Portland general manager Brian Shaw, who was also on the ice, became physically involved with Regina trainer Dennis Scott.
"You can tell they can't take losing if they have to do something like that," said Winter Hawks centre Ken Yaremchuk. "We want to play hockey and we've been doing that quite well against the Pats."
"It's very disappointing, said Shaw of the post-game incident. "I'll wait for the president of the league to say something. He saw the whole incident."
Portland coach Ken Hodge talked about the incident, but like Shaw, didn't want to go into great detail.
"I was disappointed with the finish," said Hodge. "I was totally surprised. You might expect that during a game, but not at the end. I don't want our victory to be marred by the over-exuberance or under-intelligence of some people. I was excited with the way we played. I thought we had a strong third period and that was the key to us winning a crucial game."
Regina coach Bill LaForge also forced questions about the melee in his post-game interviews.
"All our guys were on the ice because the game was over and we were looking after ourselves," said LaForge. "They had enough volunteers on there that they didn't need to leave the bench. The first thing I knew, I saw a bunch of guys with civilian clothes out there. Derkatch got kicked in the mouth by one of them. I was simply looking out for my own life in our players box. I don't think we started it deliberately, but we were certainly involved in it."

some more on the brawl...

Pats' centre Dale Derkatch jostled with Portland's Rob Geale in the face off circle with just seconds remaining in the proceedings. Derkatch crosschecked Geale, and, as the players skated down the ice, Geale dumped Derkatch.
The blow came when the game ended and the Pats poured off their bench onto the ice. Only six Winter Hawks were there to meet the flood of Regina players. Portland coach Ken Hodge held the rest on the bench.
But there were others such as Portland trainer Innes Mackie and the club's general manager Brian Shaw who jumped into the fray. Shaw claimed he was on the ice to congratulate his goalie, Darrell May, when the melee broke loose. He attempted to break up some of the fights, but then became physically involved with Regina trainer Dennis Scott.
Scott would say that he didn't know who Shaw was, that he thought he was a fan who had no business on the ice "manhandling our players". Shaw would say that Scott was purposely sent out to get him.
The charges and counter-charges flew back and forth last night.
For the Pats, it was another chapter of the continuing story of controversy that has surrounded them.
In a playoff series against Calgary Wranglers, they had to post a $4,000 performance bond, when fighting took place of hockey. And against the Lethbridge Broncos, coach Bill LaForge, along with players Brent Pascal, Jeff Crawford and Garth Butcher received suspensions and the bond was forfeited in what the league termed an attempt to curb some of the tactics employed by the Pats. It was a situation that was building up all season.
It exploded last night.
The entire Regina club was on the ice and punches were being thrown. In short, it was a disgusting display. Pats general manager Bob Strumm, NHL scouts and Pats scout Glen Dirk were among those who ventured onto the ice in an attempt to restore order.
League President Ed Chynoweth and his assistant, Richard Doerksen, watched the debacle and now will have to decide how to react.
There should be fines and suspensions. And, the Pats will have to bear the brunt of any punishment issued.
These fines and suspensions will only add to a reputation that the Regina Pats have developed this season. Whenever the Pats play in the opposition's rink, the word goon is the most common catcall.
Last night, a good portion of the 9,201 assembled spectators were doing more than shouting
The post-game stupidity prompted some to rain a shower of debris onto the ice and there was a moment when it looked as if some of the Pats would become seriously involved with a few of the more incensed fans.
Shaw said there would be an ugly crowd fro the next game here today. He said security would have to be tripled.
When the Pats finally left the Coliseum last night, they were accompanied by 10 hefty security guards equipped with billy clubs dangling from their belts. Players made the two block walk to their motel rooms with hockey sticks hoisted over their shoulders.
Sep 13, 2015 12:47 ET
What is it with Ken Hodge keeping his players on the bench? This is the 3rd article I've read where he keeps his guys on the bench. He finally let them out onto the ice after awhile during this brawl but you think he would have learned his lesson after the debacle against New Westminster a few years prior.Reply

Fight at 60:00
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Dale Derkatch 5'5'' 6145lb 30N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Rob Geale 5'11'' 6175lb 30N/AN/AN/A
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