Oct 9, 2009
Idaho - Utah4-3

Fight at 45:53
Duration 0:08ThrownLanded   Big   
 Cody Lampl 5'11'' 1183lb 3N/AN/AN/AFair Amount
 Mark Pavli 6'0'' 1180lb 3N/AN/AN/A
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Oct 10, 2009 08:27 ET
Draw Fun 
Pavli took the puck into the Idaho zone and collides with Lampl near the boards. Pavli goes right after Lampl and they get pinned near the boards after dropping their gloves. Each player tried to get in some short insignificant shots but I didn't get the best view as the fight occured on the opposite corner of the ice I was sitting and the standing crowd blocked much of it. The linesmen broke this one up early. Pavli had a huge gash on his cheek afterwards and after quickly getting cleaned up at the bench skated back to the box and made high-sticking gestures to Lampl to indicate he took a stick to the face before the fight. Lame fight, I'd give it a draw unless Pavli's cut was caused by a punch which I would then give Lampl the nod for damage.

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