Sep 22, 2010
Boston - Montreal4-2

Fight at 30:01
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Adam McQuaid 6'4''  212lb 12N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Andrew Conboy 6'4''  200lb 12N/AN/AN/A
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Jan 17, 2016 16:27 ET
Adam McQuaid narrow win Fun 
This was a quickie. Conboy and McQuaid had a dramatic square off. The fight was brief and disappointing. Andrew missed a couple of punches. McQuaid landed a blow with average to solid pop. He landed a partial connect. Conboy lost his balance and fell to the ice. He landed a light blow while on his back. Adam tried to land a big shot, but it appeared to just miss. The refs stopped the contest.

I rate this as a narrow win for McQuaid. He landed an effective blow with his first punch. The second shot was more of a grazing punch. It could be argued that it was a clear win, but the fight was very short and there wasn't a lot of damage done.
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Sep 22, 2010 17:49 ET
Adam McQuaid clear win Fun 
Some punches by McQuaid and Conboy goes down. I already see a rematch between these two.
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Sep 23, 2010 09:28 ET
Adam McQuaid narrow win Fun 
I don't know why Ovechkin gave McQuaid the clear win...(i was at the bell centre yesterday) Both guys dropped the mitts and squared off, Conboy missed his first grabbed punch, then both guys got ahold of each other, Conboy threw the only punches (that's what i saw from my point of view tho) which didn't land before McQuaid sent him down, and while Conboy was falling he got a solid punch from McQuaid, and Conboy fired a solid right which landed square on McQuaid's face. Narrow win McQuaid for his solid punch at the end of the tilt, otherwise it was a draw.
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Mar 7, 2011 21:17 ET
Adam McQuaid narrow win Fun 
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Feb 10, 2013 16:00 ET
Adam McQuaid clear win Fun 
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Sep 3, 2013 15:53 ET
Adam McQuaid clear win Fun 
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Oct 25, 2014 09:05 ET
Adam McQuaid clear win Fun 
Sep 25, 2010 20:48 ET
how do you see the fights on this website--ie--moen vs neilReply
Sep 29, 2010 01:51 ET

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