Nov 5, 2010
Boston - Washington3-5 

Summary Of Events
1  7:47  Cheap Shot  Seguin-Steckel
2  15:24  Fight  McQuaid-Hendricks

Cheap Shot at 7:47
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Duration N/A
 Tyler Seguin  (Aggressor) 6'1'' 4186lb 34N/A
 Dave Steckel  (Victim) 6'5'' 4220lb 34
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Feb 4, 2014 12:29 ET
Seguin crosschecked Steckel into the board and decked him. Dirty 

Fight at 15:24
Duration N/AThrownLanded   Big   
 Adam McQuaid 6'4'' 4212lb 1N/AN/AN/AN/A
 Matt Hendricks 6'0'' 4211lb 1N/AN/AN/A
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Nov 6, 2010 08:14 ET
Adam McQuaid narrow win Fun 
Adam McQuaid and Matt Hendricks drop the gloves and Hendricks moves in right away on McQuaid. Hendricks stays in close to the taller McQuaid who throws three rights and gets one in on the helmet. Then Hendricks misses a short right and McQuaid throws back two rights, sneaking in one to the jaw. Hendricks opens up and misses with a straight right, then McQuaid misses a right that causes him to lose his balance. The linesmen move in then and break it up. Poor scrap. McQuaid landed the only punches, including an okay right to the jaw, for the slight win.
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Apr 12, 2012 14:01 ET
Draw Fun 
Hendricks throws a hit on McQuaid before they exchange words and then drop the gloves. They lock on to each other quickly and are in tight to each other. McQuaid throws three rights connecting on one or two. Hendricks misses a right as does McQuaid before McQuaid lands a solid right. Hendricks throws a right but McQuaid dodges it while throwing a big jersey jab before missing a right allowing Hendricks to go for the takedown and the linesman seperate them. Draw in a fight that wasn't very good.
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Jan 17, 2016 16:32 ET
Adam McQuaid narrow win Fun 
McQuaid confronted Hendricks after Matt checked him against the boards. Adam landed a decent blow and missed a shot. He landed an uppercut with average to solid impact. He landed a partial connect. Hendricks missed a blow, landed a decent shot, and missed a punch. The men fell to the ice. I rate this as a narrow win for McQuaid. He landed a little more and a little better to secure the win.
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Nov 5, 2010 16:41 ET
Adam McQuaid narrow win Fun 
Decent scrap in the Bruins end, McQuaid landed more, Hendricks with the takedown.
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Nov 5, 2010 17:22 ET
Draw Fun 
Terrible scrap. McQuaid was more active, but it didn't look like either player landed anything substantial. Draw in a boring fight.
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Nov 6, 2010 02:43 ET
Adam McQuaid narrow win Fun 
McQuaid landed only punches, Hendricks took him down, edge McQuaid in a crap fight.
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Nov 6, 2010 07:27 ET
Draw Fun 
14 fight reviews

Nov 6, 2010 07:31 ET
Adam McQuaid narrow win Fun 
McQuaid is the only one who landed anything, as he landed 2 to the side of Hendricks' head. McQuaid slips, & Hendricks lands on top. Narrow win McQuaid,
3232 fight reviews

Oct 24, 2013 16:58 ET
Adam McQuaid narrow win Fun 
Nov 5, 2010 17:45 ET
The fight.

Nov 6, 2010 09:45 ET
did that announcer say he thought it was going to be gregory cambell and adam mquaid fighting hahaha what a dumbassReply
Nov 11, 2010 07:05 ET

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