Jan 1, 2011
Boston - Buffalo6-7 SO 

Fight at 10:56
Duration 0:22ThrownLanded   Big   
 Adam McQuaid 6'4'' 1212lb 9200None
 Cody McCormick 6'3'' 1221lb 9610
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Jan 1, 2011 19:59 ET
Draw Fun 
Cody McCormick and Adam McQuaid battle in front of the Boston net and this eventually leads to a fight. Right from the start, McCormick is the aggressor. The two grapple momentarily before McCormick throws a weak short right that does no damage. McCormick shakes off his elbow pad and throws a body shot. McCormick ducks underneath McQuaid's arm and tries to get in position to throw a punch. McCormick does throw a left but McQuaid avoids it. McCormick loses his balance and goes to the ice ending the fight.

Draw as no punches landed.
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Jan 2, 2011 13:45 ET
Draw Fun 
Cody McCormick shoves with Adam McQuaid and they soon drop the gloves. They get a hold with the left and McCormick misses a right that gets him bent over McQuaid's arm. McCormick straightens and lands a right before shaking his elbow pad off, then McCormick misses two rights. There's a pause and then McCormick ducks under McQuaid's arm and misses a right. McQuaid and McCormick get locked up but then McCormick stands back while missing a left. McQuaid just ducks away and then misses two rights as McCormick falls over. Draw in a poor fight.
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Jan 24, 2016 12:55 ET
Draw Fun 
This was a poor scrap. McCormick and McQuaid went at it to the side of the Bruins goal. Cody missed a blow and landed a light shot. He landed a decent right and missed a few blows. McQuaid landed a partial connect. McCormick fell to the ice, but Adam held up and let the officials intervene. I rate this as a draw. Neither man landed with more than modest impact.
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Jan 1, 2011 16:56 ET
Draw Fun 
Pretty much a draw, McCormick with a couple of short early punches ..McQuid maybe with a late one and the takedown......not much of a fight, hopefully they will go again....
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Jan 2, 2011 03:12 ET
Draw Fun 
Pretty much a crap draw. McCormick was the aggressor early, but unable to really land anything. McQuaid looked like he wanted nothing to do with him, but McQuaid was able to get McCormick down and land one in the end.
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Jan 2, 2011 04:57 ET
Outcome: N/A Fun 
No rating to this fight because even though it was a short fight, the total circumstances are confusing in trying to figure out a final evaluation. It starts when mcquaid gave a tiny & reasonable shove near his own net in trying to defend. McCormick acted like a sore-loser when he retaliates by hitting mcquaid on the leg with his stick. They come together and become entwined while wrestling. Mccormick only grazes mcquaid with 1 uppercut. Mcquaid may or may not have connected with a punch but its unknown if this almost-ambiguous punch or just his brute strength is what puts mccormick down on the ice giving the crowd the impression that he is the victor. However, this has to be considered as a semi-false impression when reviewing.
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Apr 24, 2012 13:52 ET
Draw Fun 
Neither guy really got a good shot in draw
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Oct 24, 2013 16:59 ET
Draw Fun 
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Feb 27, 2017 16:55 ET
Draw Fun 
Jan 1, 2011 18:05 ET
The fight.


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