Feb 5, 2011
San Jose - Boston2-0 

Summary Of Events
1  5:37  Refused to Fight  Mayers-Thornton
2  17:53  Fight  Eager-McQuaid

Refused to Fight at 5:37
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Duration N/A
 Jamal Mayers  (Refused) 6'1'' 1217lb  N/A
 Shawn Thornton  (Aggressor) 6'2'' 1217lb  
Aug 17, 2014 04:15 ET
They collided in front of the benches, Thornton drops his gloves and challenged Mayers who doesn't drop the gloves so Thornton got a minor penalty.Reply

Fight at 17:53
Duration 0:16ThrownLanded   Big   
 Ben Eager 6'2'' 2226lb 14430None
 Adam McQuaid 6'4'' 2212lb 14210
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Feb 6, 2011 21:26 ET
Ben Eager narrow win Fun 
Adam McQuaid initiates a scrap with Ben Eager in the corner and they get the gloves off but a stick is caught between them. Eager lands a right and after a pause, prods McQuaid with the left. McQuaid then throws two rights, landing one before Eager throws two rights in return, landing one. Eager then switches hands as McQuaid leans away and lands a left. Then they both go down to the ice and the linesmen come in. Eager landed a little bit more and gets the slight edge in a pretty bad fight.
169 fight reviews

Feb 6, 2011 21:28 ET
Ben Eager clear win Fun 
In his 5th game with the Sharks, Ben Eager finally does what the Sharks got him to do, drop the gloves. As big Boston defenseman Adam McQuaid starts some rough stuff in the corner, Eager stands firm and sheds the leather. Eager lands a good right followed by a decent right before McQuaid can even get rid of his stick. The stick finally comes loose as Eager torques McQuaid around. McQuaid responds with 2 short rights, 1 landing decently and the other just a grazing blow. Eager fires back with 2 rights, again 1 landing well and the other decently. McQuaid is possibly stunned a little and Eager switches to the left but only lands it weakly. The momentum knocks both off balance to the right before Eager twists his opponent back to the right and down to the ice. The linesmen seperate the combatants and they skate to the dressing room as there is only 2 minutes left in the period.

This was a short but explosive fight. Eager pretty much dominated McQuaid and landed a couple of big shots. Because of those punches and the possibility that McQuaid was woozy at one point, I am giving Eager a clear win here.
13342 fight reviews

Jan 24, 2016 12:37 ET
Ben Eager narrow win Fun 
McQuaid and Eager decided to go. Ben landed a decent blow and missed a punch. Adam landed a decent punch and missed a right. Eager landed an average blow and a decent right. He landed a partially-connecting left. The men wrestled to the ice and the refs stopped the fight. I rate this as a narrow win for Eager. He landed more punches. I didn't think the blows were powerful shots. They were moderately effective and earned Ben the win.
64 fight reviews

Feb 5, 2011 15:13 ET
Ben Eager narrow win Fun 
eager gets a cople good shots at first, then mquaid gets a couple good ones but the fight is decided at the end when eager throws some bombs
17 fight reviews

Feb 5, 2011 17:50 ET
Ben Eager narrow win Fun 
When the fight started a stick was in the way so neither guy could get many good shots in. After the stick got out of the way Eager took over with some pretty good bombs and a takedown.
377 fight reviews

Feb 6, 2011 06:48 ET
Ben Eager narrow win Fun 
Ben Eager with a quick start in the fight and he lands the only shots on McQuaid.
20065 fight reviews

Feb 6, 2011 08:32 ET
Ben Eager clear win Fun 
Short bout. Eager got in a few decent shots, McQuaid maybe one weak shot. At least a narrow win for Eager, I call it a clear win.
100 fight reviews

Feb 6, 2011 09:39 ET
Ben Eager clear win Fun 
Eager hit McQuaid and Adam goes back at him a couple of times, and they decide to go. McQuaids stick get's caught up, and after a few seconds, it finally gets free and Eager lands 2 shots. McQuaid tries to answer with a flurry of his own and lands one, but Eager comes back with one of his own and gets the takedown. Eager with the win here.
3609 fight reviews

Dec 29, 2011 08:03 ET
Ben Eager narrow win Fun 
1549 fight reviews

Nov 7, 2013 23:36 ET
Ben Eager clear win Fun 
Feb 5, 2011 11:03 ET
The fight.

Feb 5, 2011 20:02 ET
Sharks feed
Feb 5, 2011 23:31 ET
Feb 6, 2011 09:42 ET
I didn't realize that McQuaid was under 200 lbs. He looks bigger than that, but maybe it's because he's tall. He's giving up nearly 40 pounds here. That's a lot.Reply
Feb 9, 2011 02:10 ET

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